Statement from New Wave Feminists on Kristen Hatten

There have been a number of articles about former New Wave Feminists member Kristen Hatten. These articles do not tell the whole story. In this post, I would like to clear up some misconceptions. Former New Wave Feminists Vice President Kristen Hatten was kicked out of New Wave Feminists a year and a half ago for expressing racist views. New Wave Feminists had no tolerance for these views and rejected Kristen Hatten completely. Kristen Hatten has emerged again recently and her connection to New Wave Feminists has caused many pro-choice groups to attack New Wave Feminists. Many details of Kristen Hatten’s ties to New Wave Feminists have been distorted in these pro-abortion articles.

For one thing, Kristen Hatten was not involved in New Wave Feminists when New Wave feminists was kicked out of the Women’s March. Kristen Hatten had already been expelled from New Wave feminists at that time. So the claims that “one of the people kicked out of the march has gone alt-right” are false.

New Wave feminists kicked Kristen Hatten out without a public statement a year and a half ago because they did not want to give a platform for her views. They did not want to encourage more people to see Kristen Hatten’s blog. Because New Wave Feminists kept the rejection of Kristen Hatten low key, there has been the misconception that Kristen Hatten was a member in good standing until this week. this is untrue.

People have been saying that the Huffington Post  broke the New Wave Feminist/Kristen Hatten story. In reality, it was New Wave Feminists President Destiny Herdon-De La Rosa who first broke it by condemning Kristen Hatten and her racism on the New Wave Feminists public facebook page. Herdon-De La Rosa felt the need to speak out against the racist statements of their former member. Her choice to disavow Kristen Hatten and speak out against racism was the event that led to the article in the Huffington Post, which led to the hit pieces against New Wave feminists currently being spread in pro-abortion circles

This is the official statement from New Wave Feminists, posted on their facebook page by Destiny Herdon-De La Rosa about the situation:

I thought I did the right thing.

I thought I did what I was supposed to do.

Over a year and a half ago I saw the beginnings of some very scary ideologies coming out of my best friend’s mouth. Stuff she’d NEVER said before.

And because she ran this activist group with me, I didn’t have the luxury of waiting around to see if this was just some sort of weird phase or if these things were truly what she believed. So the board and I removed her. Immediately.

It was hard, but I knew there was no place in New Wave Feminists for that type of thinking. She cut me off completely, and sadly grew even more extreme.

I’ve had no contact with her for nearly a year and a half (with the exception of an amends letter I sent her bc I’m working a 12-step program), but then a few weeks ago she started sharing stuff on social media – vile stuff – stuff that I didn’t think we as a movement could or should ignore.

So I denounced it publicly.

I thought I did the right thing.

I thought I did what I was supposed to do.

Almost instantly white nationalists started spamming my personal Facebook page. They began dissecting my personal life on alt-right fb threads with details given to them by my former best friend. Details only a best friend would know – about failings in my life and marriage. It was humiliating. These threads were then made public so they could be screenshot and sent around for all to see. A twitter account popped up with the handle @DestinyIsACunt and they began messaging me about how my bio dad really dodged a bullet when he abandoned me as a baby because I’m a train wreck, but at least that was better than my dead brother who was a motorcycle wreck. I laughed it off. My brother died in a car accident, idiot. I didn’t let it get to me.

Prolife bloggers started writing about my former partner and her beliefs and the comment sections grew. I noticed some important pieces started disappearing though… like the fact that we REMOVED her as soon as we saw the first signs of her white nationalism cropping up – or how about this – that THE ONLY REASON THEY EVEN KNEW ABOUT IT NOW was because I’d publicly denounced her earlier that week. She’d been hiding quite well in the recesses of the Internet before that. It was a non-story.

But then it became a story… not because it was an actual story… my former partner was barely involved in the movement a year and a half ago and hadn’t been since. But according to NARAL she was now a “PROMINENT PROLIFE LEADER” as they re-shared a piece in Huffington Post about her. Again, not because she was a prominent leader but because those who disagree with our ideology want to take us down… and this is the only way they can – through twisted half truths.

And now I’m watching the last 14 years of my life’s work crumble while someone with an anonymous email account tells me they wish my nazi bitch ass would die. Because now it’s their turn.

The alt-right is done decimating me, so the pro-choice left is coming to pick through the scraps.

I called out racism and said we have zero tolerance for it in our movement.

I thought I did the right thing.

I thought I did what I was supposed to do.

No. I know I did. Racism has NO PLACE in New Wave Feminism.

…but now I understand why so many people don’t call this stuff out… because even when you do the right thing, your opposition will find a way to use it against you. THIS RIGHT HERE is why racists are allowed to exist in the shadows.

Kristen Hatten

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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