What Martin Luther King, Jr. thought about abortion

What Martin Luther King, Jr. thought about abortion was revealed in his advice column in Ebony in June 1958. He referred to a post-abortion man’s decision as “a mistake.” This indicates that he did not approve of abortion. It is impossible to know for certain, but he may have been pro-life today.

Here is the letter from the post-abortion man and King’s reply:

“Question: About two years ago, I was going with a young lady who became pregnant. I refused to marry her. As a result, I was directly responsible for a crime. It was not until a month later that I realized the awful thing I had done. I begged her to forgive me, to come back, but she has not answered my letters. The thing stays on my mind. What can I do? I have prayed for forgiveness.

Answer: You have made a mistake. This you admit. Your admitting this fact is very wholesome, for it is the first step in the process of repentance and personality integration. One can never rectify a mistake until he admits that a mistake has been made.

Now that you have prayed for forgiveness and acknowledged your mistake, you must turn your vision to the future….Now that you have repented, don’t concentrate on what you failed to do in the past, but what you are determined to do in the future.”

Martin Luther King JR. advice column Ebony, June 1958, p. 118

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