Live Births in Upstate New York

“Thirty-eight live births following induced abortion were recorded in Upstate New York between July, 1970, and December, 1972. Twenty-six followed saline-induced abortion; twelve of these occurred at one hospital, and eight were associated with one physician. Underestimation of gestation and exchange of inadequate volumes of amniotic fluid and hypertonic saline produced concentrations insufficient to cause intrauterine death. Viable infants with iatrogenic central nervous system damage from salt poisoning are a possible consequence of improperly planned saline-induced abortions.”


From the article “Reported live births following induced abortion: two and one-half years’ experience in Upstate New York” by Stroh G, Hinman AR on Medline. If thirty-eight babies were born alive in one part of N.Y. in only two years, how many were born alive in other parts of the country?

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