Legal Abortion Death: Maria Soto, 32 (cerebral hemorrhage due to brain aneurysm)

Researcher Kevin Sherlock documented this case of a woman who died after having a brain aneurysm at an abortion facility:

“Maria Soto, a 32-year-old married Hispanic woman, was set to undergo an abortion at Her Medical Clinic on September 9, 1985, when the events that cost her life took place.

A staffer prepared Maria for the abortion, gave her a mixture of lidocaine (an anesthetic), epinephrine (adrenaline), atropine (a pre-anesthetic) and Librium (a tranquilizer) as a paracervical block, and then left her unattended. Maria suffered a seizure, fell off the table she was lying on, hyperventilated, then slipped into a coma.

Maria was transferred to a California hospital, where she died that night…

The autopsy report said a cerebral hemorrhage caused by a brain aneurysm killed Maria. The examiner ruled that the fall Maria took while unattended played no part in her death, because he couldn’t find any evidence of blunt force trauma. He also downplayed the effects that the preabortion drugs Maria received might have played in her death…

Maria might have been unlucky. But the fact that she was left unattended and was allowed to fall from a table after receiving the kinds of drugs she did doesn’t speak well of the care she received at Her.”

Source: Los Angeles County Coroner Case No. 85 – 11579

Maria’s situation is different from other women in this category because her death was not officially caused by her abortion. Still, she seems to have received poor care at the abortion facility. It is unknown whether she would’ve survived her brain hemorrhage if it had occurred somewhere else – her death may or may not have been preventable.

Kevin Sherlock The Scarlet Survey (Akron, Ohio, Brennyman Books, 1997) 42

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