How A Suction Abortion is Performed

An abortion in the first trimester is usually done one of two ways. One way is the medical way, done by medications that make the pregnancy miscarry. Usually this is done by the “abortion pill” RU-486. This is generally effective until around 7-9 weeks of pregnancy. Go here for more information about the abortion pill. 

Abortions up to 13 weeks can be done surgically. These are usually done by suction curettage. A suction curettage abortion is done by dilating the cervix, inserting a cannula which is attached t0 a tube and a suction machine, and suctioning out the placenta and the developing baby. See the diagram below of a suction abortion done at 9 weeks.

Diagram of first trimester suction curettage abortion

After the abortion is complete, the doctor needs to carefully examine what he/she has suctioned out so that no parts are left behind. If parts of the baby or placenta stay in the uterus, serious infection can result. The doctor must piece together the baby and verify that he has two arms, two legs, etc.

Here is a picture of a seven week old unborn baby, both before and after an abortion

7 week old fetus after a suction abortion

Although this information is graphic and controversial, women have a right to know what is happening in their own bodies and what will happen in an abortion.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with an unplanned pregnancy and wants to know what options are available to you, call this number. 1 800 395 HELP.

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