Former Planned Parenthood Worker Describes Counseling at Her Clinic

Former Planned Parenthood worker Catherine Anthony Adair :

“In fact, clinic workers would purposefully avoid providing information on fetal development, what the child looked like, the child’s anatomical development and the pain he or she could feel. I was continuously reminded that when referring to the baby, the appropriate terminology was “clump of cells” or “contents of the uterus.”

Planned Parenthood’s mission is to pressure as many women into having an abortion as it can. Those in charge know that can’t be accomplished if they refer to the child as a “baby.”

Then women would know what was really growing inside them: a little person with a beating heart, functioning nervous system, tiny hands and feet. The child is entirely disregarded. There is no counseling, no care, no waiting and no discussion. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, it is off to termination.”

Catherine Anthony Adair “Planned Parenthood lies about itself” Washington Examiner, 11/22/11. Quoted in Abortion Industry’s “Mission Is To Pressure Women”,, Elliot Institute, January 12, 2012.

Read more at the Washington Examiner


In their factsheet “THE TRUTH ABOUT CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS” NARAL Pro-Choice America makes the following ironic statement:

Unfortunately, reports indicate that CPCs frequently misinform, mislead, and coerce women with unintended or crisis pregnancies. Staff and volunteers at CPCs often use anti-abortion propaganda to dissuade women from exercising their right to choose…”

It goes on to say:

“Women are entitled to accurate, comprehensive and unbiased medical information with which they can make their own decisions.”

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