Former Clinic Worker: Tina David

Tina David worked at Dr. George Tiller’s clinic in Witchita, Kansas. She claimed to have seen an abortionist employed by Tiller, Shelley Sella, kill a baby that was born alive. According to David:

“Well, my job, like I said, my job was to hold the leg and count the parts, if it was in pieces. And this was…maybe 35 weeks. That’s pretty big….It was a big baby….[the] baby came out, and it was moving. I don’t know if it was alive or if it was nerves, I have no clue. But Dr. Sella looked up right away at me and took a utensil and stabbed it, right here, and twisted. And then it didn’t move anymore.”

You can listen to her complete testimony here. 

28 weeks

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