Dr. Michael R. Harrison on ultrasound and unborn babies

Physician Michael R. Harrison  said of ultrasound:

“It was not until the last half of this century that the prying eye of the ultrasound (that is, ultrasound  visualization) rendered the once opaque womb transparent, stripping the veil of mystery from the dark inner sanctum, and letting the light of scientific observation fall on the shy and secretive fetus…The sonographic voyeur, spying on the unwary fetus finds him or her a surprisingly active little creature, not at all the passive parasite we had imagined.”

Valerie Hartouni “Containing Women: Reproductive Discourse in the 1980s” Techonocluture, Constance Penley and Andrew Ross, eds. (Minneapolis: U of Minneapolis Press, 1991) 38

Ultrasound at 18 weeks
3-D ultrasound in the first trimester
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