Doctor who Aborted 100,000 Babies Claims God Approves

Dennis Christensen

Wisconsin State Journal, Women need control over birth choice, physician says: 3-4-2001

In 2001, the Wisconsin State Journal estimated that abortionist Dennis Christensen aborted somewhere between 80,000 and 100,000 fetuses during his career.

In a 2001 interview, Christensen told the paper

“When I meet my maker, I think she’s going to say, ‘Way to go!'”.

The paper said the remark was a jest after he brushed aside the question of whether he believes in an afterlife. His religious beliefs are private, he said.

The paper also states that Christensen makes a good living from abortion, and that, at his clinic in Wisconsin, he has ended the pregnancies of women ranging in age from 10 to 52

eight week-old unborn baby – typical age for an abortion


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