Clinic advertises “gentle abortions”

Gentle AbortionsIn November 2011, LifeNews ran an article by Stacy Trasancos where she discussed how one clinic advertised “gentle” abortions.  Abortions are anything but “gentle” in fact, brutally tearing the baby apart with a suction machine with forceps is about as far as you can get from “gentle.” This clinic apparently uses general anesthesia – if a woman is asleep during her abortion, she will indeed have no memory of the procedure. But this doesn’t mean that she won’t feel grief or guilt later. And the unborn child gets no such respite. Below are some pictures of abortions around the time that this clinic advertises performing them.

Remains of a gentle abortion at 18 weeks
6 – 14 weeks. These babies were not killed "gently"
8– 14 weeks. These babies were not killed “gently”

Stacy TrasancosClinic Advertises “Gentle Abortions. No Pain. No Memory.” LifeNews 11/2/11

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Author: TA Smith

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