Monica Miller finds the remains of a five month baby in the garbage

20 weeks

In Abandoned: the Untold Story of the Abortion Wars (Charlotte, North Carolina: St. Benedict Press, 2012) Monica Migliorino Miller describes babies she discovered in the trash outside an abortion clinic:

“One of the babies from the 30 South Michigan dumpster, a five-month-old child killed by the dilation and evacuation method…the one whose right eye and lower jaw was missing..

“About the child’s head, pooled in dark blood, were his torn arms, legs, a hand, a foot, and part of his rib cage…”


Read more about babies found in the trash here.

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Clinic Nurse on Putting Bodies of Babies in the Incinerator

From a director of nursing at an abortion clinic:

Some of the late fetuses are “getting pretty big….it is very traumatic for the staff to pick this up and put it in a container and say “Ok, that’s going to the incinerator.”

Magda Denes “In Necessity and Sorrow” quoted in Mark Crutcher  “Lime 5: Exploited by Choice ” (Denton, Texas: Life Dynamics Incorporated, 1996)

The nurse’s clinic does abortions up to 24 weeks.

24 weeks
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Abortion Clinic Flushes Medical Waste Down Sewer

NJ Acting Consumer Affairs Director, Jeffrey Burstein said this about abortionist Flavius Thompson of the Pleasant Women’s Pavilion after the state pulled his license:

“During our investigation, we found that medical waste material was being improperly disposed of down the sanitary sewer at that location.

“If proper procedures are not followed, patients are potentially put in danger. That is wholly unacceptable. The Board of Medical Examiners expects its licensees to adhere to legal and professional standards of conduct, as does the public.”

Jeffrey Burstein, Acting New Jersey Consumer Affairs Director

Tri-Town News, “Doctor surrenders license:2/16/2005
 Tri-Town News, “Doctor awaits hearing on future of license” 2/2/2005. Quoted by Life Dynamics

Read about another case where fetal remains (parts of babies) were found in the sewer system.

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Fetal Remains Thrown Out as Medical Waste

An abortionist describes what happens to the remains of unborn babies who are aborted:

“For the most part it [fetal remains] is thrown out like in many doctors’ offices. If you had a wart removed or whatever,  you could make that analogy.”

Pam Crosby, Clinical Coordinator at Prince George’s Reproductive Health Services, on the clinic dumping second-trimester babies in their trash. Quoted in Debra Braun. “Bodies of Aborted Babies Thrown in Trash at Maryland Clinic.” National Right to Life News, December 8, 1983, page 5.

Read more about the fate of aborted babies here.

10 weeks. After this baby is torn apart in an abortion, his broken body is thrown out as medical waste

See aborted babies at 10 weeks


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Pro-Life Activist Confronts the Reality of Abortion

In a book on pro-life activism, an author relates the following story:

A pro-life activist identified only as “Dylan” recounted how he found pieces of aborted babies in the trash outside the clinic. He said he:

“wasn’t even thinking about it [finding aborted babies] but one day, when I went there [to the clinic], there were these trash bags sitting right there outside their door. I took a deep breath and threw them in the trunk of my car, and went over to Elaine’s [another pro-lifers] house.”

According to the author:

“Together they carefully opened the gauze bags and probed the contents. They took the identifiable fetal parts to a pathologist at a nearby Children’s Hospital who photographed the remains. Dylan remembers that, “In pictures it was just incredible. You could see all the bones and the bone structure.” The pathologist “identified it as a 9 1/2 week-old unborn child.”…

9 to 10 week-old unborn baby

From Dylan:

“I was shocked, even though I knew up here [intellectually], seeing it knowing that was a baby who was alive that day, when I was at the mill, who had died that day at the mill was just devastating. And yet it was like, don’t anybody ever try and tell me, if they ever tried before, don’t ever try to tell me that’s not a baby.”

Carol JC Maxwell. Pro-Life Activists in America: Meaning Motivation and Direct Action. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002) 115 to 116

For more about aborted babies found in the trash, go here.

an article about babies dumped in the trash in Michigan

and in Oklahoma

and in Minnesota

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Doctor Justifies Experiments on Aborted Babies

Gerald R Cunha, University of California, took the reproductive tracts from aborted fetuses and transplanted them into mice and performed other experiments using the body parts of aborted children. He explains why he prefers using aborted babies instead of animals for research.

“There are animal models for studying everything we do. It’s likely we won’t learn anything new [by working on animals]. [But] when you get a positive result in a human, you can be sure.”

So many people in the pro-choice side argue that the unborn baby is not human. In reality, scientists and doctors are completely aware that unborn babies are fully human and fully alive.

Suzanne M Rini. Beyond Abortion: a Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation. (Rockford, Illinois: Tan Books and Publishers, 1988) 43

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Doctor Describes the Harvesting of an Aborted Baby’s Organs

Ever since abortion was legalized, there has been debate over whether or not the bodies of aborted babies can be used for research purposes. In America of 2012, there are laws that govern the use of fetal tissue. These laws prohibit abortion clinics for making money from selling the bodies of aborted babies. However, there are loopholes in the law that allow clinics to make money off the bodies of aborted children under certain circumstances. Go here to learn more.

The following testimony was presented to the US Supreme Court by the Atty. Gen. of Connecticut with his March 14, 1973 petition for rehearing the appeals of Markle v. Abele (72 – 56 and 72 – 730).

Q: Are you a medical doctor?

A: Yes

Q: At any time did you ever observe abortions at Yale – New Haven hospital?

A: Yes.

Q: Would you please tell us what, if anything, you observed?

A: There are two types of abortions that I have witnessed, one is what they call a hysterotomy when the fetus is much bigger and the pregnancy is much more advanced… This fetus is a fairly well formed fetus and has a beating heart, not necessarily breathing but the heart is beating and it is alive at the time it is taken out. This is put in some kind of the container and, of course, after it has been detached from the womb it obviously dies off in time. I don’t particularly witness that moment when they take the last heartbeat, we don’t go into the detail of monitoring that.

picture of a second trimester unborn baby

Q: Can you give any further details as to how the baby appears once the incision is made and from the time it is taken out?

A: The baby appears well formed, it has all its hands and feet and the mouth and ears and the nose and eyes, and all that.

Q: Doctor, can you tell us what movements, if any, you can observe in such a baby?

A: There are a few purposeless movements of the extremities… Without any purpose, they have this sort of gasping action, sort of moving their limbs about, they call it purposeless, there is no purpose for it, it gives you an idea that some of the musculature is already developed.

Q: Are there movements at the time it is put in a container? [After the umbilical cord is cut]

A: Yes…

Q: Was there a case where some type of surgical procedure was performed on a baby after induced abortion?

A: I did not actually observe the operation itself.

Q: Can you tell us anything about it, to the extent that you know?

A: A baby was aborted by hysterotomy. Then it was taken to another room with a medical student.

Q: Do you know why it was taken out of the room?

A: Well, they wanted to get something out of it.

Q: How did you know they were trying to get something out of it?

A: That’s what they said. I just overheard it. They were going to get some kind of abdominal organ, I think it was the liver. I was not very sure.

Q: You overheard this from whom, a nurse?

A: From the doctor.

Q: Was this the doctor that was presumably going to take this liver or whatever it was?

A: Yes, and the obstetrician that was performing the operation.

Q: When it was taken out of the room, did it have any movements?

A: It had some movements.

Q: Were there any excretions at all?

A: Excretions, urine, yes.

Q: Can you describe how the medical student appeared when he returned?

A: He was sort of pale. He said he felt sort of sick in his stomach. That’s why he left the room and went back to the operating room where I was.

Q: Do you recall what, if anything, the medical student said?

A: He just said he couldn’t stand it.

Q: Do you know whether or not this baby was given any anesthesia when the operation was done?

A: I don’t think so…

Suzanne M Rini. Beyond Abortion: a Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation. (Rockford, Illinois: Tan Books and Publishers, 1988)  pages 76 to 78

20 weeks
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Nurse Tells of Aborted Babies Packed in Ice

A former abortion nurse in a southern hospital said that the aborted babies there were routinely packed in ice after abortions:

“We wondered what happened to them then, but we were never asked and were never told.”

22 week sonogram

Suzanne M Rini. Beyond Abortion: a Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation. (Rockford, Illinois: Tan Books and Publishers, 1988) 26

Presumably, they were shipped to research labs for experimentation. Read more about the sale of baby body parts here. 

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Abortionist Uses Meat Grinder to Dispose of Aborted Children’s Bodies

The disposal of the remains of aborted babies is one final indignity inflicted on these little people. While it is recommended medical practice for the remains to be sent to a pathology lab to be examined, after which they are incinerated or buried, many clinics cut corners by simply throwing them out. See this section for examples of what happens to the baby’s bodies after abortion. 

Dr. Curtis Stover, and abortionist himself, wrote about the disgust he felt witnessing the way aborted babies were disposed of in one clinic, the Mayfair Women’s Clinic in Aurora, Colorado.

“Dr. Parks reached up to a shelf and brought down several pieces of metal that were parts of a meatgrinder and place them on the counter. Next, he assembled the grinder and clamped it to the countertop. As I looked at the grinder I realized that it was very old and resembled the same meatgrinder that my mother used years ago to grind up meat into hamburger meat. Dr. Parks then began to empty each bucket into the hopper on top of the grinder, and his left hand pressed the fetal tissue down into the hopper as he turned the handle with his right hand, grinding the tissue. As he did this the tissue oozed out of the end of the grinder like multiple tubes of pink toothpaste. After all the fetuses were ground up into a large bucket, he [Dr. Parks] dumped the contents into the sink and washed it down the sink with water. Finally, he disassembled the grinder, rinsed it off, and placed it back on the shelf.”

Affidavit of Curtis E. Stover, M.D., dated June 15, 1992, corroborated in depositions of Dr. Parks and clinic staff. From Robert C Cetrulo. That Reminds Me of the Story: Reflections of a Pro-Life Warrior (Covington, Kentucky: Northern Kentucky Right to Life Educational Foundation, 2003) page 9

Here is an example of what an unborn baby at nine weeks looks like before he or she is aborted and then ground up.

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54 Babies

In his article “54 Babies” George F. Will documents a shocking case where two children playing outside discovered boxes of aborted fetuses that had been improperly disposed of.

CHINO HILLS, Calif. Where Route 71 crosses over Payton Drive, at the bottom of the steeply sloping embankment, two boys, who were playing nearby, found the boxes. The boys bicycled home and said they had found boxes of “babies.”

Do not be impatient with the imprecision of their language. They have not read the apposite Supreme Court opinions. So when they stumbled on the boxes stuffed with 54 fetuses, which looked a lot like babies, they jumped to conclusions. Besides, young boys are apt to believe their eyes rather than the Supreme Court.

The first count came to a lot less than 54. Forgive the counters’ imprecision. Many fetuses had been dismembered — hands, arms, legs, heads jumbled together — by the abortionist’s vigor. An accurate count required a lot of sorting out.

The fetuses had been dumped here, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles, on March 14, 1997, by a trucker who may not have known what the Los Angeles abortion clinic had hired him to dispose of. He later served 71 days in jail for the improper disposal of medical waste. Society must be strict about its important standards.

What local authorities dealt with as a problem of solid waste disposal struck a few local residents as rather more troubling than that. They started talking to each other, and one thing led to another, and to the formation of Cradles of Love, which had the modest purpose of providing a burial for the 54 babies.

The members of Cradles of Love — just a few normal walking-around middle-class Americans — called them babies, and still do. These people are opposed to abortion, in spite of the Supreme Court’s assurance in 1973 that abortions end only “potential life.” (Twenty-five years later the Supreme Court has not yet explained how a life that is merely “potential” can be ended.)

Some will say the members of Cradles of Love, who are churchgoers, have been unduly influenced by theology. Or perhaps the real culprit is biology. It teaches that after the DNA of the sperm fuse with those of the ovum a new and unique DNA complex is formed that directs the growth of the organism. It soon is called a fetus, which takes in nourishment and converts it to energy through its own distinct, unique organic functioning, and very soon it looks a lot like a baby.

Anyway, theology or biology or maybe their eyes told the members of Cradles of Love that there were some babies in need of burials. So they asked the coroner to give them the fetuses. Then the American Civil Liberties Union was heard from.

It professed itself scandalized by this threat to . . . what? The ACLU frequently works itself into lathers of anxiety about threats to the separation of church and state. It is difficult, however, to identify any person whose civil liberties were going to be menaced if the fetuses were (these are the ACLU’s words) “released to the church groups for the express purpose of holding religious services.” The ACLU said it opposed “facilitation” of services by a public official.

The ACLU’s attack on the constitutionally protected right to the free exercise of religion failed to intimidate, and in October the babies were buried in a plot provided at no charge by a cemetery in nearby Riverside. Each baby was given a name by a participating church group. Each name was engraved on a brass plate that was affixed to each of the 54 small, white, wooden caskets made, at no charge, by a volunteer who took three days off from work to do it. Fifty clergy and four persons active in the right-to-life movement carried the caskets. Each baby’s name is inscribed on a large headstone, also provided at no charge.

Fifty-four doves, provided at no charge by the cemetery, were released at the services.

The ACLU trembled for the Constitution.

We hear much about the few “extremists” in the right-to-life movement. But the vast majority of the movement’s members are like the kindly, peaceable people here, who were minding their own business until some of the results of the abortion culture tumbled down a roadside embankment and into their lives.

Which is not to say that this episode was untainted by ugly extremism. It would be nice if the media, which are nothing if not diligent in documenting and deploring right-to-life extremism, could bring themselves to disapprove the extremism of the ACLU, which here attempted a bullying nastiness unredeemed by any connection to a civic purpose.

Source: Washington Post: December 3, 1998; Page A23

Note: A local man, Charles Lowers, whose own wife was pregnant at the time, was quoted saying: “I was thinking of [the mass graves] in World War II. It brought back that memory of senseless slaughter.”

From “Remains of Aborted Fetuses Buried” CNN Oct 12, 1998

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