A South African Abortion clinic flushes aborted babies down drain

From an article in a South African newspaper:

“Pinetown metro police are investigating an abortion clinic suspected of being responsible for a drain blockage after a foetus was found in the drain on Friday.

Metro Superintendent Joyce Khuzwayo said yesterday that a cleaner was called to unblock the drain and found that a foetus had caused the blockage.”

Joyce Khuzwayo says:

“At this stage, we suspect that the foetus was flushed down the drain by the abortion clinic in one of the buildings in Hill Street….

It happened at least three times last week.”

Nompumelelo Magwaza “Foetus blocks drain” IOL 21 SEPTEMBER 2009

forced abortion
14 weeks
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Abortionists discuss what to do with aborted babies’ bodies

Abortion providers talk  about the problems they have disposing of the bodies of aborted children. Undercover footage shot at National Abortion Federation conference recorded by David Daleiden. It was released on December 29, 2015:

Abortion Provider Rene Chelian:

“So in coalition, we started working with hospitals who didn’t want to be seen with us. We met them in like Denny’s restaurant, there’s not even many of those left…We talked about you know what are you guys going to do. They were terrified of a public relations nightmare. That hospital actually had big freezers with breasts and kneecaps and gallbladders and abortions or miscarriages. Um and they put all their jars together, at some point. and they go to Stericycle unless the hospital happens to have their incinerator which is rarer and rarer. The guy from Stericycle was quick to point that out to me.”


We were really tempted to give the fetus back. We thought we’ll give it to everybody in a gift bag, they can take it home, figure out what to do with it. It’s their pregnancy. Why is it our problem? And I’m saying that in all seriousness. Nobody wants to talk about dead bodies. Nobody but me. There was a point when Stericycle fired us that I had five months of fetal tissue in my freezers and we were renting freezers to put them in. So all I thought about, I am so consumed with fetal tissue, I was ready to drive to upper Michigan and have a bonfire. And I was just trying to figure out, you know how I wouldn’t get stopped or how far in the woods would I have to go to have this fire that nobody was going to see me. And the garbage disposal was an option, I mean, there was a point that I actually hired someone from another clinic to come in and take 20 bottles and put it into my garbage disposal.


When you look at incinerators for cremation the website descriptions are small cat, small dog, larger dog. So we were looking trying to compare our jars to various animals you might incinerate. We knew we wouldn’t need one big enough for a horse [laughter from abortionists in the crowd].… Were we going to have to go into inner-city Detroit and get a lot and put an incinerator there and then how do we transfer the waste? I mean fortunately, we have those really lax laws in Michigan, so I was going to get a license as a transporter [laughter], yet another fun thing, yup.… Got another fun thing, and there are a bunch of clinics buying an incinerator and then we can just go pick up for each other if we all got a license. I mean talk about moving on the competition.… I mean really, this is my backup plan. It’s going to have a name that is really, you know, nothing to do with anything in the universe and it’ll be really hard to find because it’s going to be in somebody else’s name, not mine.

Aborted child at 10 weeks
Aborted child at 10 weeks

So I don’t know, that’s how awful this is. I feel like the Mafia.

We actually found some green technology that is like a dishwasher. And you plug it in like a dishwasher, like a portable dishwasher, and you add some kind of chemical – I mean, I’m using the word chemical really loose – it’s green, that’s all I know. And you’re just using it because they don’t have enough cemetery, they don’t have any space. And you run this cycle and then it goes in the sewer system, which sounds like a really great idea! Although I have to say I can’t remember if that was approved.”

aborted at 20 weeks
aborted at 20 weeks

Abortion provider Karen:

“Even in our hospital in Canada, we contract out ultimately to Stericycle, and it’s going out to Portland. And Portland is a waste to energy facility. It’s a PR nightmare for us. It would end up being the front page of the paper “Fetuses Are Being Used for Energy.” I mean, I think it’s a great idea…”

13 weeks,

Abortion provider Rene Chelian:

“When we sent to another state, it became the whole issue of, do we tell FedEx what they’re picking up? How long will it take for the antis to figure it out? And if we don’t tell them, what if there’s a bad snowstorm, like there was this winter, and UPS gets delayed or FedEx get delayed, and their truck starts stinking – I mean every state law is different.

11 weeks
11 weeks

I know what I wanted to actually put the fetal tissue in my car and drive to the crematorium in Illinois [but] I was advised by my attorneys that I was breaking several state laws and that, that really wasn’t a good idea. Although, I have a good friend in another state who is currently driving across two states, once a month, with fetal tissue to go to a funeral home and and they have an arrangement to send out for cremation.

20 weeks
20 weeks

But everything is a secret, so it’s really scary. Because we are all one incinerator away or one incineration company away from being closed. Whatever your laws are in your state, if the antis know, this could shut us down.”

Video from Students for Life

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Officials won’t let aborted babies be photographed

Pro-Life author William Brennan writes about how, when some bodies of aborted babies were found in California, public officials would not let anyone take photographs of them.

“In February 1982 officials from the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office and the Department of Health Services told press photographers and television crews that “no photographs” could be taken of aborted bodies found in a huge cargo container in Wilmington, California. “A lot are partially dismembered,” explained coroner office representative Mason Johnson. “You wouldn’t want to photograph that.”

Mary Dunn “500 Fetal Bodies Found” National Catholic Register February 21, 1982, P1

Quoted in William Brennan The Abortion Holocaust: Today’s Final Solution (St. Louis, Missouri, 1983) 165

Brennan suggests that authorities refused to let media outlets take pictures because they wanted to hide the reality of abortion.

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On burying aborted children

Pro-life author William Brennan comments on the burial of aborted babies that were found in a storage container:

“A… debate raged over what to do with more than 16,000 aborted babies discovered in a huge metal storage container outside of Los Angeles in 1982. Pro-life groups were in favor of at least according the victims the dignity of a Christian burial. The American Civil Liberties Union, a staunch proponent of burning the bodies, conjured up that all too predictable concoction- violation of the separation of church and state….

Burial, especially Christian burial, is doubly threatening: Not only does it bestow upon the victims a transcendent value intolerable to civil libertarians, it also draws attention to the disturbing truth which abortionists would prefer to keep hidden from public view- the existence of actual human bodies.”

William Brennan “What the Holocaust and Abortion Have in Common” New Oxford Review November 1995

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Former abortion worker: “We lied to them”

Margo, who spent five years working at both Planned Parenthood and a private clinic:

“We would lie to them! We lied to patients all the time!… People asked, “What’s going to happen to my baby?” We were told to tell them whatever made sense, that it’s like if someone is in a bad car accident and lost a leg. It’s medical waste and it goes into an incinerator… We didn’t use biohazard bags back then.”

Instead, they ground up the remains and sent them down the sewer.

Ellen J Reich “An Insider’s Look into the Abortion Industry” The American Feminist Fall/Winter 2016

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Medical Journal says scientists dissected aborted babies

An article in the Journal of Clinical Pathology describes how the bodies of aborted babies were cut up for body parts, which were then shipped to researchers around the world:

“Fetuses are collected within the London area and brought back to the hospital as rapidly as possible for immediate dissection by surgical theatre techniques in a sterile room…Each fetus is given a number, and the tissues are distributed, the names of each of the recipients being recorded.”

Sylvia D. Lawlor “Conception and Development of Fetal Tissue Bank” Journal of Clinical Pathology 1981

14 week "fetus"/preborn baby
14 week “fetus”/preborn baby
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Nurse describes how she disposed of fetal remains

Former abortion nurse describes how she disposed of “fetal remains” i.e. aborted children:

I used a simple kitchen strainer, over a sink, and sifted through the contents of the collection jar after an abortion. I had to make certain all the body parts of the baby were accounted for. The garbage disposal was available and used for the placenta and any other tissue that had fallen into the sink. At that time, I was instructed to place the babies into a simple plastic container and packaged to be sent to a lab for disposal. The clinic reportedly hired a company which would send a truck to pick up the babies. Maybe this is a way the state could tell the abortionist how to dispose of the bodies.

Nurse Misty Coburn. who worked at Fort Wayne Women’s Health Organization, an abortion facility

“Fetal Remains Bill Clears Senate Hearing” Indiana Right to Life February 18, 2015

Quoted in Sarah Terzo “Abortion facility workers explain how they disposed of aborted babiesLive Action News  March 15, 2017

The "fetal remains" came from babies like this one.
The “fetal remains” came from babies like this one.

They were tiny arms, legs, finger and toes.

See pictures of what fetal remains (aborted babies) look like here

Read more about what happens to the bodies of aborted children. 

8 weeks fetal remains
8 week fetal remains

The “fetal remains’ above are the legs of an 8 week old aborted child. This is around the time when most abortions are performed. So this was what Nurse Coburn was sifting through.

Abortions are legal at 20 weeks in many states. At this stage, fetal remains are very developed. Nevertheless, they are treated the same way.

preborn baby at 20 weeks. See what the fetal remains of this child look like below
preborn baby at 20 weeks.
The arm and hand of a 20 week old aborted baby. These fetal remains would be handled in an abortion clinic like any other fetal remains.
The arm and hand of a 20 week old aborted baby. These would be handled in an abortion clinic like any other fetal remains.


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Aborted babies as biological waste

A Swedish author writes:

“Until 1990 all aborted fetuses [in Sweden] were considered to be biological waste, and were handled as risk waste and placed in special waste bags that were sent for incineration. The need for new routines led to recommendations for more dignified disposal of the fetus, especially in cases of late abortions. According to the new recommendations, fetuses from late abortions (spontaneous or induced) from the beginning of week 13 up to and including week 28 should be sent from the maternity clinic to the pathology department. Later the fetus is taken to a crematorium to be cremated, and the ashes are buried or spread anonymously.”

Vivian Wahlberg Memories After Abortion (Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing, 2007) 20

In America, aborted babies are often flushed down toilets or thrown out with the trash. 

14 weeks. After a baby this age was brutally murdered, he would be given cremated
14 weeks. After a baby this age was brutally murdered, he would be cremated
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Clinic worker Jackie tells of pathology lab work

Former abortion clinic worker Jackie describes the time she spent in the pathology lab, handling the bodies of aborted babies:

Clinic worker Jackie saw babies like this one, but torn apart
9-10 week preborn baby

“I got selected to move to the pathology lab, and for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, that is the lab in the clinic that basically inventories the body parts of the fetus that comes out of the woman. And, the first part of that job is, as I said, inventorying the parts; and the second also involves inventorying the parts to determine if they are intact enough to be harvested and sold. And then the third part is doing a checklist, such as the head, the arms, the torso, the legs, and you send it to the doctor to let him know that the abortion was complete.

So that’s where I ended up, I trained in that lab three, almost four days before I had a very harsh realization that everything I believed about the abortion industry was wrong. So about three days into it I had had just about as much as my heart, and my soul, and my stomach could stand.”

Sarah Terzo “Abortion facility worker quits after seeing the bodies of aborted children” Live Action News September 22, 2016

Former clinic worker Jackie reveals how gruesome and cruel abortion really is.

To see pictures of what these baby body parts looked like, go here. 

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Discover magazine on fetal tissue transfers

From Discover magazine, on research with fetal tissue transfer (research on implanting parts of preborn babies)

“the actual scientific accomplishments [have been] somewhat exaggerated.”

Jeff Goldberg “Fetal Attraction” Discover, July 1995

No significant progress has been made since 1995 either.


Above: xeroxed copy of list of prices for aborted babies’ organs


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