Aborted babies born alive were drowned in saline solution

In North Carolina, a bill protecting babies born alive after late-term abortions passed in the state House and Senate but was vetoed by Governor Roy Cooper. During the testimony for Bill 359, Rep. Pat McElraft spoke about her experiences working at a hospital where a late-term abortionist plied his trade. She testified:

You will hear from opponents of Bill 359 that there is no need for this bill. “We don’t have is happening in North Carolina.” I can testify to the fact that infanticide has happened in North Carolina. I’ve been witness to the results of those late-term abortions.…

There was an abortionist in Jacksonville, North Carolina, who was known nationally for performing late term abortions. We heard of many girls who came from other states to North Carolina — Jacksonville, North Carolina, to have their late-term abortions. Even hitchhiking down from New York, some of them did, to come in…

Those were the days when saline abortions were performed. The salt content of the saline was so strong that it burned the little baby’s skin.

Pat McElraft continued:

Nurses told of stories of the babies that were born alive and [had] been taken by the doctor and turned over with their faces down in the saline to drown. Most of the nurses refused to work with this abortionist. He only did his abortions on the weekends.

One day I was on a break, [and] went in to visit with the pathologist in the pathology lab, and I asked him, I said, “What are all these little pigs doing in these buckets?” He told me, “Pat, look again.” And I did. They were perfectly formed little human babies in those buckets. Their skin was even pinker than a normal baby would be, because it had been burned by the saline. Those were the weekend’s abortions.

Sarah Terzo “Eyewitness: Babies born alive after abortion were drowned in salineLive Action News April 23, 2019

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Nurse witnesses baby born alive after an abortion

In a video from the Save the 8th Campaign, Irish nurse Caren Ní hAllacháin described witnessing an abortion at 22 weeks where the baby was born alive. The baby had a “chromosomal abnormality,” possibly Down syndrome

“I wasn’t looking after [the woman having the abortion] directly, but I was on the ward. The other nurse had gone for a break, but I went into the sluice room [where medical waste was taken]. And the baby was in a kidney dish, in the sink where all the clinical waste was. The baby was born alive, and the baby was then taken from the mother – the mother never saw the baby. The baby was put into a kidney dish and brought away from the room, and to the sluice room, and left there just to die.

The baby was the full size of the kidney dish, so the baby was probably a little bit more than the length of my hands. He was small but he was perfect. He had – you could see his toes, his hands, it seemed like he had blonde hair. His eyes were closed. His mouth was open slightly. At first when I saw him, I thought he was actually dead, but I could see the rise and fall of his chest once I looked, because through the shock – he was breathing. And he wasn’t really moving. He had been there at least an hour and a half if not two hours.

I just did not know what to do. But there was nobody treating that baby. That baby was breathing and yet I couldn’t go and ring for the emergency team to come. I couldn’t get oxygen for the baby. I couldn’t put a blanket around the baby. I couldn’t pick the baby up…. the baby was still breathing. I couldn’t treat that baby as any other baby in any other part of that hospital, where you have babies the same age being treated in incubators and being ventilated and being given every assistance to live.

And yet this baby was left… in a kidney dish, which is [a] cold stainless steel metal dish, and just left to die. I had to leave the sluice room. I had to leave the baby there. That part is the hardest part of all because I felt I had abandoned the baby. When I went back the baby had died. The baby wasn’t breathing anymore. So the baby was still in the kidney dish. It was when the other nurse came back that she disposed of the baby’s body.

To see that baby trying to breathe – to see the dignity of him in the kidney dish trying to breathe, and nobody, just nobody there. He is a human being and a person. You can’t deny it. You can’t deny that that child was a son. It is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I think the worst part of that is the fact that I wasn’t allowed to do anything. The baby was small, but it was perfect. [He] was perfect. The baby had a cleft lip – that was it.”

Sarah Terzo “Nurse Recalls Baby Born Alive After Abortion “He was Small but Perfect” Live Action News March 6, 2019

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Doctor testifies about removal of living aborted baby’s organs

Fetal tissue research is not a new thing in the 21st century. Fetal organs have been used for experiments even before abortion became legal. In 1973 the State of Connecticut submitted a written interview to the Supreme Court as evidence in an abortion-related case. Dr. Baker (a pseudonym) was asked about medical events at the Yale-New Haven Medical Center.

Q: Was there a case where some type of surgical procedure was performed on a baby after induced abortion?

A: I did not actually observe the operation itself.

Q: Can you tell us anything about it, to the extent that you know?

A: A baby was aborted by hysterotomy. Then it was taken to another room with a medical student.

Q: Did you first observe the baby being taken out of the mother?

A: Yes.

Q: What, if anything, happened then that you observed?

A: It was taken out of the room. Then this medical student followed it.

Q: Do you know why it was taken out of the room?

A: Well, they wanted to get something out of it.

Q: How did you know they were trying to get something out of it?

A: That’s what they said. I just overheard it. They were going to get some kind of abdominal organ, I think it was the liver. I was not very sure.

Q: You overheard from whom, a nurse?

A: From a doctor.

Q: Was this the doctor that was presumably going to take this liver or whatever it was?

A: Yes, and the obstetrician that was performing the operation.

Q: When it was taken out of the room, did it have any movements?

A: It had some movements.

Q: Doctor, prior to the infant leaving the room, did it do anything noteworthy? Any noteworthy bodily functions?

A: Some form of movements of the arm.

Q: Was there any excretions at all?

A: Excretions, urine, yes.

Q: Tell us about that. Can you give us the details?

A: Well I would say when they picked this fetus up by the feet I could see that he urinated, he was a male infant.

Q: It was urinating?

A: Yes

Q: You’re sure of that?

A: Yes.

Q: What, if anything, did they do with the baby afterwards that you observed? They took it out of the room?

A: They just took it out of the room immediately.

Q: Then what, if anything, happened that you observed?

A: Nothing else. It was taken out of the room and I didn’t see it.

Q: Did a medical student accompany it out of the room?

A: The medical student went out.

Q: Then what, if anything, occurred?….

A: The lady doctor proceeded to open the abdomen of the fetus.

Q: You did not see this yourself?

A: No.

Q: This is based on what type of information, if any?

A: On what the medical student told me.

Q: Can you describe how the medical student appeared when he returned?

A: He was sort of pale, he said he felt sort of sick in his stomach. That’s why he left the room and went back to the operating room where I was.

Q: Do you recall what, if anything, the medical student said?

A: He just said that he couldn’t stand it.

Q: Did he show any fear at the sight of blood prior to this incident?

A: No.

Curt Young The Least of These: What Everyone Should Know about Abortion (Chicago, Illinois: Moody Press, 1984) 103-104

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Nurse rocks aborted baby who was born alive

From an article in a medical journal:

“One young nurse…showed how she rocked a fetus in her arms, an aborted fetus which she said had been warm and breathing, one which she would formerly have put in an incubator, but now was supposed to go into formaldehyde.”

John F. McDermottt and Walter F Char “Abortion Repeal in Hawaii, An Unexpected Crisis in Patient Care” American Journal of Orthropsychiatry 41 no. 4, July 1971

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Baby survives abortion, nurse shoves child into biohazard bag

18-year old Sycloria Williams abortion had an abortion at 23 weeks, an age when babies have been born and survived.

“Hardly showing, Sycloria Williams didn‘t realize how far along she was. The second day of her procedure didn‘t go according to plan. She says, ―I was supposed to be asleep for all of this. I wasn‘t supposed to see anything. Just wake up and it will all be over,‖ she had been told. Instead, she was awake when she pushed out a baby, who was still alive. A clinic employee shoved the tiny, twitching, gasping baby into a biohazard bag and took it away while the girl was left in shock. ―”I thought it would be a blob thing, but bigger, not a baby”, she later said.”

Soñé, Daniel, “A Botched Abortion in Mother‘s Own WordsFlorida Catholic February 6, 2009

Quoted in Serena Gaefke 101 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion: A Girl‘s Guide to Informed Choices (2010) 20

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Abortionist admits she’d let a baby born alive after an abortion die

Abortionist was asked about what she would do if she was doing an abortion and a baby was born alive.

“I’ll tell you what I would do if this impossible scenario [of a live birth after during an abortion] were to happen, however: I would do whatever the patient wanted me to. The newborn would be unable to make medical decisions for itself and therefore medical-decision making would legally fall to the parents.”

If the parents wanted to kill the baby then, it look like Torres would do the killing.

She then says:

“Even in cases of 3rd trimester abortion, the fetus is euthanized. This is not only due to the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, but it is also humane medicine. It would be very traumatic to the mother, father (if present), and caregivers (physicians, nurses, etc) if during the induction of the abortion the baby were born alive then left to die. How horrific! Despite popular opinion, we are not monsters. We are physicians who seek to minimize the trauma of this difficult decision.”

Leah Torres “END OF LIFE CARE BEFORE IT BEGINS” April 2, 2013

Personal blog, visisted 3/16/2018

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45 babies born alive after abortions in Mt. Sinai Hospital

C. Everett Koop learned the following from Medical World News, November 14, 1977:

“One series of 607 second trimester abortions from the Mount Sinai Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, resulted in 45 live births including one set of twins. None of the baby survived more than 13 hours.”

C Everett Koop The Right to Live, the Right to Die (Wheaton, Illinois: Living Books, 1988) 34

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Doctor discusses abortion where one twin was born alive

From William J. Sweeney III, MD, an ObGyn who was practicing when Roe vs. Wade was decided:

“… The saline we inject normally kills the baby, so it’s born dead. But there’s already been one case involving a woman who was carrying twins: when her doctor injected saline into one sac, one baby came out dead and another baby came out alive. The doctor knew she had twins. Usually the substance from one amniotic sac passes into the other sac. But this time it didn’t. What must that woman have felt? The second baby finally died, but the question remains, what should a doctor do if its alive?  Are you asking him – or me – to drop it in the bucket?”

William J. Sweeney III, MD, Barbara Lang Stern Woman’s Doctor: A Year in the Life of an Obstetrician-Gynecologist (New York: Morrow & Company, 1973) 207-208

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Abortionist: Why turn yourself in when a baby is born alive?

On reporting Live births from abortion:

“It’s like turning yourself in to the IRS for an audit. What is there to gain?”


Liz Jeffries and Rick Edmonds “Abortion: The Dreaded Complication” Philadelphia Inquirer Aug 2, 1981

This abortionist says there is “nothing to gain” by revealing that a baby was born alive after a botched abortion in his clinic.

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Doctor tells interns to strangle baby if born alive after abortion

A doctor identified as Mrs. D.F recounts the following incident, that took place when she was an intern:

“At the guard in the delivery room, a woman was in labor as part of an abortion on medical grounds at 5 months pregnant. The birth was imminent, and the gynecology interns were prepared. The senior gynecologist of the guard who is about to return to her bed, approaches the interns and said in a low voice, but loud enough for me to hear: “If the child is breathing on arrival, you press hard here on the trachea until it completely stops breathing,” and turning to me: “And you, you did not hear anything.”

Grégor Puppinck PhD (Dir.), Claire de La Hougue PhD, Andreea Popescu, Christophe Foltzenlogel “Late Term Abortion & Neonatal Infanticide in Europe” Petition for the Rights of Newborns Surviving Their Abortion ECLJ (European Centre for Law and Justice) June 2015

5 months
5 months
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