Bodies of babies found in Missouri Basement

Below is a screenshot from a video that shows the bodies of two aborted babies who were found in a basement in Missouri. The house had been owned by an illegal abortionist who practiced fifty years ago.  LifeSiteNews covered the story, and I will quote from them:

Contractors recently hired to renovate the old home discovered in the basement the remains of two tiny babies floating in a preservative solution inside two dusty jars with screw-on lids.

“I know they did medical procedures and stuff,” said the property’s owner William C. Neff to “I was told that they helped a lot of ladies. That’s all I know.”

The contractors were examining the basement on Wednesday when they made the grisly discovery. The remains of the babies were found underneath an antiquated medical examining table in a ceramic container that was covered in rags.

If you look closely, you can see the arms and legs of the baby in the jar on the left. You can see the profile of a baby, (head down) his/her head, body, legs, etc. in the jar on the right. You can make out the shape of the face (side view) if you look closely at the bottom of the jar.

babies in basement

There is an interview at the end of the video done by Channel 7, a local news station, but they did not show the bodies of the babies- the jar was held out of sight. One reporter referred to the babies as “specimens.” There was little acknowledgement of their humanity.

The whole video is below:

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