Aborted babies as biological waste

A Swedish author writes:

“Until 1990 all aborted fetuses [in Sweden] were considered to be biological waste, and were handled as risk waste and placed in special waste bags that were sent for incineration. The need for new routines led to recommendations for more dignified disposal of the fetus, especially in cases of late abortions. According to the new recommendations, fetuses from late abortions (spontaneous or induced) from the beginning of week 13 up to and including week 28 should be sent from the maternity clinic to the pathology department. Later the fetus is taken to a crematorium to be cremated, and the ashes are buried or spread anonymously.”

Vivian Wahlberg Memories After Abortion (Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing, 2007) 20

In America, aborted babies are often flushed down toilets or thrown out with the trash. 

14 weeks. After a baby this age was brutally murdered, he would be given cremated

14 weeks. After a baby this age was brutally murdered, he would be cremated

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