Harper’s Magazine: Author Describes Aborted Baby at 10 Weeks of Age

People who observe abortion procedures or abortion remains usually come away with little doubt that abortion is killing a human being. In this passage, author Verlyn Klinkenborg, who visited an abortion clinic, recounts his feelings upon seeing the remains of a ten week-old aborted baby:

ultrasound of baby at 10 weeks

“I felt a profound and unmistakable kinship with the foot and hand in the tray, a kinship so strong it was like the rolling of the sea under my feet…I was surprised by my own sadness, by the sense of loss that I felt…I found it so much easier to be moved by the sight of the disembodied hand the size of a question mark gleaming under fluorescent lights….In that tiny, naked hand there was the imputation of innocence.”


Violent Certainties” Harper’s Magazine January 1995 p 47

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Author: TA Smith

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