Abortionist: You’d Walk into a Sea of Money

Abortion provider Dr. Don Sloan.

“It was a cash business. The price was right for the service provided…But we had volume. The receptionists at the desk collected the fees, and when the cash boxes overflowed, as they did nearly every day, they filled the drawers…counting it was time consuming; sometimes it didn’t get done right away. When the banks weren’t open, we just closed off a room and put the none-too-neat piles of money in it. By the end of the weekend, you’d open a door and walk into a sea of money.”


Don Sloan, M.D. and Paula Hartz. Choice: A Doctor’s Experience with the Abortion Dilemma. New York: International Publishers 2002 p 44


“Despite constant references to the “abortion industry” by antiabortion groups, it does not produce wealth.”

“Let’s Tell the Truth About Abortion” pamphlet distributed by Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood. Fight Back Brass, 1985 P 9 and 12


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