Abortionist Uses Meat Grinder to Dispose of Aborted Children’s Bodies

The disposal of the remains of aborted babies is one final indignity inflicted on these little people. While it is recommended medical practice for the remains to be sent to a pathology lab to be examined, after which they are incinerated or buried, many clinics cut corners by simply throwing them out. See this section for examples of what happens to the baby’s bodies after abortion. 

Dr. Curtis Stover, and abortionist himself, wrote about the disgust he felt witnessing the way aborted babies were disposed of in one clinic, the Mayfair Women’s Clinic in Aurora, Colorado.

“Dr. Parks reached up to a shelf and brought down several pieces of metal that were parts of a meatgrinder and place them on the counter. Next, he assembled the grinder and clamped it to the countertop. As I looked at the grinder I realized that it was very old and resembled the same meatgrinder that my mother used years ago to grind up meat into hamburger meat. Dr. Parks then began to empty each bucket into the hopper on top of the grinder, and his left hand pressed the fetal tissue down into the hopper as he turned the handle with his right hand, grinding the tissue. As he did this the tissue oozed out of the end of the grinder like multiple tubes of pink toothpaste. After all the fetuses were ground up into a large bucket, he [Dr. Parks] dumped the contents into the sink and washed it down the sink with water. Finally, he disassembled the grinder, rinsed it off, and placed it back on the shelf.”

Affidavit of Curtis E. Stover, M.D., dated June 15, 1992, corroborated in depositions of Dr. Parks and clinic staff. From Robert C Cetrulo. That Reminds Me of the Story: Reflections of a Pro-Life Warrior (Covington, Kentucky: Northern Kentucky Right to Life Educational Foundation, 2003) page 9

Here is an example of what an unborn baby at nine weeks looks like before he or she is aborted and then ground up.

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