Abortion pictures at different stages

Below you will find abortion pictures at different stages. Some of the abortion pictures are graphic, but they show the reality of abortion.

Note: I’m measuring by fetal age, counting from time of conception.

Before 6 weeks, an abortion leaves nothing that looks like body parts behind. The tiny embryo is completely shredded during the procedure. The embryo at that early stage does not have visible human features such as arms, legs, etc. . If you have a medical (by pill)abortion before 6 weeks, you will not see baby parts. (surgical abortions are seldom done before 7 weeks)

However, the embryo’s heart starts beating at 23 days and he or she (sex is determined at conception) has brain waves at the end of the 5th week. So even before 6 weeks she is a living, growing, tiny human being. But abortion pictures from 6 weeks and up show human body parts. At 6 weeks, fingers are just beginning to separate.  The hand of a 6 week old baby in the womb looks like this.

abortion pictures

abortion pictures

The baby above is a six-week miscarriage still in the sac. A baby aborted at six weeks would look like this if the abortion was by pill. By the 7th week, very recognizable fetal parts are left behind.

7 weeks:

abortion pictures
7 weeks after conception


At 8 weeks after conception, the baby looks even more human. You can see hands, feet, eyes, and ribs.

abortion pictures
8 weeks
abortion pictures
8 weeks

At 9 weeks, the baby is even more developed

abortion pictures

abortion pictures
9 weeks

At 10 weeks, the fetus has a very recognizable face

abortion pictures
10 weeks
abortion pictures
10 weeks

At 11 weeks, the fetus is even more developed

abortion pictures
11 weeks

12 weeks is the end of the 1st trimester.

abortion pictures
12 weeks

13 Weeks:

abortion pictures
13 weeks

14 weeks:

abortion pictures
14 weeks

15 weeks:

abortion pictures
15 weeks

16 weeks:

abortion pictures
16 weeks

18 weeks:

abortion pictures
18 weeks

20 weeks:

abortion pictures
20 weeks

21 weeks:

abortion pictures
21 weeks

abortion pictures 22 weeks:

abortion pictures
22 weeks

24 weeks:

abortion pictures
24 weeks

28 weeks: abortion pictures

Post-28 weeks: (third trimester: legal in several states, restricted in others)

abortion pictures   abortion pictures

Now you have seen the abortion pictures. Do you find them hard to believe? Go to the Endowment for Human Development’s fetal development pages to verify that the abortion pictures are accurately labeled. Endowment for Human Development will show that the fetal development information given here is accurate. This website is not connected with the pro-life movement in any way and is not religious.

Its facts and footage (of living preborn babies in the womb) are taken from National Geographic.

For more information about abortion, look on other pages of the website. You can read women’s stories of their experiences having abortions, abortion’s physical and psychological risks, the stories of former abortion clinic workers and abortionists, and more.

Note: All pictures are labeled by the estimated age of the baby – counting weeks from the moment of conception. Counting length of pregnancy from a woman’s last period will add two weeks to the numbers.

Now that you have seen abortion pictures, has it changed the way you think about abortion? Leave a comment below.

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Author: Sarah

Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

75 thoughts on “Abortion pictures at different stages”

  1. First off I have 2 children But miscarried in between them the first when i was 17 I can tell you it wasnt easy it was not at a time I needed a child especially when i was a child myself I had no help and was still in high school I was terrified and all alone but throwing my childs life away because i was scared or it wasn’t planned this was out of the question people can try and make this nasty disgusting display of stupidity okay but its not this is a life one of these children could grow to be the one to discover the cure for cancer could be the one to move mountains for the person who at one second said i think im going to wake up go to a clinic and kill my child today because of a selfish decision Idk care your situation rape incest unplanned a breakup carry that baby to term and give it away!!! you can’t think this is okay unless youre heartless!!! What if you were the child getting cut in half its the silent scream a child cant be heard in fluid inside the womb inside the mother all it can do is kick and cry if these precious little miracles could talk they would beg you to please spare my life let me please live if not with you with a mommy thats going to love me its completely helpless but all of this will come back for GOD judges ALL of us on everything we’ve done in this life its written in the lambs book of life and in the bible it says that children are a blessing and more precious then the most precious of stones I bet you all don’t go and just throw your money into the trash but let a doctor cut your baby out and dump it into a trash bin and walk away and LIVE your life knowing your parents decided to keep you

  2. Hi All,

    When I was a medical student I rotated in a very busy abortion clinic. The clinic was so busy that there was no time to administer anesthesia, or so I was told. I was an older medical student and was requested, more often than not, to comfort the younger patients; the youngest, who I had to hold in my lap and rock after the procedure (no one came with her to the clinic and for those of you who doubt such a young child could seek medical attention without an adult, they can if it is reproductive related), was 11 years old. I tell you this because many of these children need safe abortion services for many, many reasons which I won’t get into here. Patients were of all ages, but sadly many were under the age of 14. In addition, I recall only one fetus that had a recognizable silhouette, albeit very small, during the time I was working in the clinic.

    I should disclose that I do not participate in religion. I am not a bad person. The people that know me have described me as kind, gentle, and caring. I do respect that there are many folks who believe in the Word, but it is arrogant to think that only the religious know of right and wrong. I have read the argument that God’s commandment is clear and that “though shall not kill.” Soldiers kill. Police kill. So clearly there are instances that the religious believe the ending of another’s life is OK; otherwise they would be demanding that killing criminals, and non-American soldiers, should be against the law. You could argue that babies have done no wrong compared to criminals and non-American soldiers, but non-American soldiers are really patriots and not true criminals, many are misdirected children and young adults.

    I believe the women who have had abortions do not take the procedure lightly and would prefer not to have the procedure if there was a better option for their situation. Adoptions are not all good; they aren’t all bad either, but there are no guarantees. In addition, carrying a pregnancy to term is not always an option for women and pregnant children. I would prefer that women and children not need abortions in the first place rather than making abortion illegal. We need to come up with a comprehensive plan for all to accomplish this. We can’t expect women in relationships (marriage/partnerships), prostitutes/indentured sex workers, children of abuse to practice abstinence. It is not realistic. In addition, we need to hold men accountable for their actions, even if it is only the men we know personally.

    Education is imperative. Everyone should know how a baby is made before puberty. Pregnancy, or during labor in some cases, should not be the time a woman or child finds out how babies are made. Birth control, and birth control education for boy/men and girls/women, should be free to all and available locally. With the great advances in western medicine, there should be no unwanted pregnancies in this country. But for those that do happen, safe procedures should be available to those who need it.

    Best regards to you all, Mrs. Smith

    1. That was a sick self absorbing excuse!!! You do not have to believe in any religion to know that this is murder. This child did Nothing and paid the ultimate price for it!!! Don’t use that excuse they were raped or a boyfriend left, etc. A child was conceived and deserves a chance at living just like you!!! Adoption is a better alternative than death, please!!!!! A woman with children should obviously know how they are made and therefore take PRECAUTIONS!!! You are apparently a Doctor now and your oath is or I guess used to be ” First Do No HARM”. You should be ashamed of yourself , not for what your inadequate excuses for what you accept as appropriate!!! You are a poor excuse of a man and a Doctor!!!

    2. You are an evil ignorant heartless piece of shit and you have absolutely no moral compass if you think this is ok. Abortion is never necessary and is never medically necessary. Get your ignorant evil unwanted lies and evil opinion out of here you wicked shrew

  3. Let us all not forget that the God who made us in His image is holy, we are not like the animals, who He also made. It doesn’t matter what our opinions are, mine or yours, the only thing that matters is what God says. He speaks to us through the holy bible, and He says, “Thou shall not kill”. This is spiritual warfare, good versus evil, God versus satan. Look around … the moral fiber of this country, and of the entire world is in free-fall. All of this is predicted by prophets in both the old and new testaments of God’s word. In this life we are given a choice, serve God and be blessed, not only in this life but for all eternity, or, serve satan and join him for all eternity. Life is a gift from a holy God …all life.. if you have ‘messed up’ and are pregnant, and don’t want you son or daughter for whatever reason, God knows your circumstances and is inviting you to come to Him with all of your needs. He works through Christian people and organizations everywhere to help us with all of our problems. Your life can be changed into one of joy by Him. We don’t know how our life will play out, but He does, and He wants us to love and depend on Him. God knows everything about you, and me, and loves us anyway. But God does hate sin, and abortion is sin. Don’t kill your baby.

    1. I can’t breathe anymore. It’s too heartbreaking.
      One thing I can’t seem to get out of my head: why won’t I ever go up in front of a crowd and give a five-hour-long speech talking about my views on this ? I know that my words will be able to change millions of hearts. But I still haven’t written my…

      325 speeches down yet.

  4. wherether you went to school or not….Masie is right….we shouldnt realy abort our babies just because we feel like we have more to do than take care of our babies….

    I had an abortion….you have no idea how it feels….be pregnant….pray to God he helps you keep your baby when you feel like you not ready for one…seek for advice from many people not just a few so you can come up with a better dicision….never abort your child…never….even in your dreams …just never

  5. Only compulsory tubal ligation will put a dent in abortion. Males should be offered vasectomies at no charge. I cannot call it free because someone is paying for it.
    Simply passing a statute outlawing abortion will not prevent it anymore than passing a statute outlawing prostitution, or homosexuality or drugs will prevent someone from engaging in that behavior. A lot of people do not want to accept that.

  6. I would just like to comment in general! Sometimes individuals have stillborn babies. Something goes wrong in the womb while carrying the baby. Sometimes there is a medical issue with the baby that causes women to abort! If you put the baby up for adoption no one would adopt! It happened to Me I happen a child with a serious defect and disability! What a hard decision. Maybe the test and pictures of my baby were wrong! Maybe god will help him and he or she will be normal but in the time being it was causing me serious health issues! It was going to cause me to get a serious infection and and we might both die. So I went through with this terrible procedure! It was not birth control for me. My insurance would not pay for the termination do I had to go to a clinic! I was nervous about questions and what God was going to say to me on judgment day! So I had to come to grips with myself after 6 months I can finally say I did the right thing! My baby would not of had a normal heathy life! It would of started with many surgeries and would of. Even in the hospital for months. I would of had to go back to work to pay for these surgeries which meant leaving my baby in the hospital with a bunch of strangers! I’m currently in counseling because of what I hard time I had! So please don’t judge me for my decision I deal wth this everyday! My husband and I both do! Now I’m wanting another baby. Me I’m scared to death! Pray for me!

    1. That must have been gruelling for you. What a tough decision to make. God loves you. I’ve been to the other side and I can tell you God is not a fire and brimstone like being. You feel nothing but love over there and are known at the deepest levels with God; nothing is hidden. Rest, knowing that you did the best you could given the really tough situation. It does you no good to punish yourself on this. It actually prevents you from living. You are not a callouse person at all. Anyone reading your message can tell you wanted this child and were totally heartbroken. Teach others what you have learned. Live your life fully. Something that might help you is to watch a movie called “The Shack”. Watching it will convey more than I can in a message to you. I pray for your healing on all levels. AMEN.

  7. We are all only human. Flaws and all. Unfortunately our sec drive is instinctual. If it was that we thought with are brains rather than our hearts when we choose to have sex there would be a lot less pregnancies and children. Accidents happen when you think with your heart in every aspect of love and sex. A woman has a tight over her own body. There is not one woman I know who has had to terminate a pregnancy ever forgets and mourns the child they chose not to keep until the day they die. I do not understand why some people think that this is an easy decision for most women. Some day we will all be accountable for our mistakes. Leave that up to the Higher Power. We have no business judging others. We are only human. God bless the people who have never made a mistake..I do not know anyone who hasn’t nor do I know any woman who had an unwanted pregnancy that intentionally got pregnant. Making the decisiion to terminate it is not easy for any woman. She and she alone should be the only one who has to live with their decision. What right does anyone have to judge.

  8. love and forgiveness is key for all involved of course abortion is wrong even the girls who do know there spirt inside bares whiteness even if only for a moment till its varied by all these other thoughts coming in which most people don’t realize every thought in yourmind is not your own believers don’t forget the power of suggestion evil in their ear all this evil culture pumped in their subconscious mind we were told the end times these things will happen hate the sin love the sinner all sins are death a lie murder all death leave judgement and hate leave it to him above all be be baptized in Jesus name and receive the holy ghost and share the good news to these poor suffering souls

  9. Thank you.
    I just had an early 6wk abortion via suction.

    I got to take the tissue home, I was very interested in examining it and seeing if I could find embryonic parts, and these photos were very helpful.

    In a perfect world I would be able to bank this tissue for my own health as it a rare opportunity to save totipotent stem cells which could save my or a family members life, this turning a terrible situation into a positive!

    1. You took tissue home from your aborted baby to see if you could find parts of his/or her body? That may be the most morbid, heartless thing I’ve ever heard.

    2. I don’t believe you took your aborted baby home. No abortionist would allow that! Yeeah, try to put a positive spin on your murdered baby. You’re a murderer. There’s no was to make that a positive act. You also sound like a deranged person, morbid.

      1. I cannot believe you come into an educational site and bash someone without facts.
        1 in every 3 women have abortions, either natural or medical; she is not a murderer, wether she decided to finish a pregnancy or she was forced by nature (it was a needed procedure) is non of your business.
        Stem cells are great when dealing with some illness or situation, and wishing to retrieve them is natural; just as if she had a baby and wished to keep the umbilical cord for the same reason.
        As for the “morbid” side of it; we are a species that is driven by knowledge which is why this sites and every other site in the world exists, and even in physiological issues we need closure and that might have been a way to get closure.
        Stop judging.
        I hope she and her family are well, and even though some time has passed, i hope you guys get smarter and kinder.

    3. This is a LIE!! You are not Allowed to take home your aborted baby bc it goes into a talk with other aborted babies. There’s no way to differentiate you pregnancy from the chick before you. Why do you people love lying?

  10. You have a right to choose your hair color, you have a right to choose where you live, you have a right to choose who you sleep with, and you have a right to decide if you have sex or not. Once there is a heart beating inside of you…the only choice left should be adoption, or keep, murder does not belong in those choices!!!!! How can you look at the chopped off hands of a tiny helpless human being and think that is ok!?!?!?!?!?! It has nothing to do with religion, or laws, it has to do with common decency!! WTF is wrong with people!?!?!

    1. I agree. We have the right to choose, but we do not have the right to
      choose the consequences of our choice. If you choose sex, then the life
      you created is not your choice to end.

  11. Oh just looking at these pictures I’m crying. I’m 21 and pregnant with my second and me and my husband are so happy to be bringing life into this world. I got pregnant because I wanted a baby not because of an accident. Even if it was I cant imagine doing something that would harm my baby. Looking at these tiny little fingers and toes just makes me want to hug my son and tell him just how much I love him. I kiss those thiny hands and feet every day and I’m so grateful to have him in my life. I can’t even go for one hour without seeing him. These pictures are making me so upset. I’m 13 weeks pregnant and I can already feel those tiny legs kicking and I think of it as her making sure I know she is ok. Look at those tiny little parts, shredded to pieces with half of a cute innocent face left. Doesn’t it make you wanna hug your own children and protect them from anything bad in the world? Why would anyone kill a baby like this? They are alive in there and if they could speak they would beg for their lives to be spared. Even if you don’t want to raise that child, spare it’s life and give it for adoption. It will make someone else’s life better to have a little bundle of joy as a part of their family. I’m not in a place where I can judge anyone for whatever they have done or are about to do. I don’t know your situation in life but just think about it, think about the fact that that baby is alive and wants to stay alive. Please oh please don’t rush into decisions that can hurt someone.

    1. U also don’t know why some women choose abortion , so I suggest you don’t judge and jus worry bout yourself .If it’s not you doing it then mind ya !

      1. Huh? Who is going to speak up for the innocent? The child in the womb is in the safest place it can be–warm, fed, no worries, and bam!, it’s own mother allows the doctor to cut off its limbs and suck out the body with a vacuum. Or turn it around breach, pull the head out first, stab the head with a knife to crush it and pull out the body. Or salt poisoning that puts the child into convulsions and pain for one hour and is then delivered with its skin charred and burned from the poison. Your damn right we are going to judge the massacre of these innocents.

  12. Dear Beloveds,

    I’ve never expressed my view nor shared my personal experience because opinions and perspectives about abortion are based on religious/spiritual belief , socioeconomic status, social upbringing and a host of other factors that are based on a woman’s unique circumstance and thus personal…meaning weather she is pro-life, pro-choice or both her decision is a matter between herself and her God only-period.

    My comment is directed to the young girl (16 years of age) who is in a sexual relationship with a 30 year old man. Serante, you have gotten yourself into a dangerous situation with a man who doesn’t care about you or your well being. First, lets push aside the fact that he is having a sexual relationship with you…an under-aged girl which is illegal. This man is not “in love” with you he is “in lust” and he’s also an abusive controller. This type of man prey’s on young and inexperienced girls because he can’t handle being in a healthy relationship with a mature woman…a woman who is capable of taking care of herself. And let’s face it, at 16, you are not capable of taking care of yourself financially speaking much less a child.

    But, I’m not going to offer you any advice regarding what you should or should not do about the pregnancy. I will pray for you. And I hope that you have the type of relationship with your parents that enable you to let them know what you are facing sooner rather than later.

    My grandmother had my father when she was 16 years old. Of course this was in the early 1940s. She was young, poor, under-educated and black during an era when opportunities and support just weren’t available to her. Back then, you got married…so she married my biological grandfather, moved in with his family had my father…divorced a few years later, raised my father as a single parent but with the help and support of her family AND put herself through college. She was a remarkable woman. But she was also, brutally frank about her experience and teenage pregnancy in general as it related to me. When I hit puberty, she told me point blank “having a child at a young age is like trying to jump out of a window with a baby grand piano tied around your neck”. She then proceeded to expose me to a different type of lifestyle. One that is within reach but only if I gave myself a chance to grow up and complete my education.

    You see, years from now, this man is not going to be in your life…he will move on-believe that. You need to fully understand that the responsibility of raising your child without him in your life and without his financial support is highly probable. So, you need your family right now…not him. Pray to God for guidance and direction and talk to someone that you trust preferably your parents or a counselor who has been trained to help with such matters. Whatever you decide just know that it is ultimately a decision best made with your best interests at heart and with your family and God’s guidance. You will be loved and supported either way.

    Best of luck to you.

  13. I’m sorry but on like the animals that “god “takes care of america doesn’t let humans live anywhere for free they made up a fancy name for it they call it “trespassing”

  14. Am pregnant in my third trimester and i decided to keep my baby- not that i had support but God gave me this amazing gift. He has never let me down n he will not do so now. I believe that God will help me. Evn if i have to do odd jobs to raise my child, i will. The only thing am sure about is that i want my baby ad may God who provides provide for me and my baby or babies probably. He provides for birds and wild animals which don plan abt tmoro but the day at hand. I believe he will provide.am not sure that the babies’ father will marry me or want to be with me or support me but here iam- keeping this baby or babies is my choice and the choice i made- i need my baby as much as it needs me.

  15. I’m 19, i was 1 month pregnant,i just had aborted my baby,i had been never thought of to do like that..i just want to say my child I’m very sory and i love you very much..

  16. To those who judge those that choose to have abortions: be thankful you have never been in that persons situation. For those who use religion to condone abortion Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. NO ONE IS WITHOUT SIN.

    Terminating an unwanted pregnancy is not murder it is a choice made by women for various reasons ranging from pregnant due to being raped, incest pregnancy, lack of support from family , lack of money, wrong timing, broken relationship, unable to cope.

    Seeing pictures of aborted unborns will shock some people. However it doesn’t give people the right to judge women/girls for doing what is right for them at that moment in their life.

    Would you rather these females were forced to have unwanted children that would no doubt end up in a children’s home along with many other kids who for some reason or other are also unwanted.

    Or would you rather the mother of the unwanted child ended up homeless with no support.

    Judgements are not solutions to the womens need to have a termination. There arw hundreds of children in the world dying of starvation, hundreds are being executed by isis and all you judgemental people care about is the unborns inside the stomachs of females.

    Why not use your judgement constructivitly and help the many homeless kids in the world and those who are alive and who are being abused and murdered everyday in the land of the living.

    1. Yes, we have the right to judge women who kill their unborn children! Just like we have the right to judge a murderer of a person who is born.

    2. How can you look at these pictures and think that’s okay? How? If a women doesn’t want a baby, SHE SHOULDNT HAVE SEX. It’s that simple. Less than 1% are done for reasons of rape and even then, it is not the child’s fault. It is a human and it is alive. Killing it is wrong.

    3. I agree and thank you and what is wrong with you people calling it murder do you not think do you not have a brain how can you think it’s OK for someone to have a baby if they can’t take care of it or if they’re not in the right position to take care of it, calling it murder shame on you it’s not murder it’s a smart decision it’s better than to have a child & that child ends up homeless or hungry or God knows what. That thinking is why we have so many homeless kids out there and so many starving children or kids that grew up on the street because the parents couldn’t take care of them or couldn’t afford to stop judging you’re not God only God can judge

      1. would you say the same thing about infanticide? I know people who lost their jobs after giving birth and had their boyfriends leave when the kid was 2 or so. Should it be legal for them to kill their infants and toddlers in such cases?

    4. Your comment made e want to puke. You wrote: “Terminating an unwanted pregnancy is not murder it is a choice made by women for various reasons ranging from pregnant due to being raped, incest pregnancy, lack of support from family , lack of money, wrong timing, broken relationship, unable to cope.”
      “Terminating an unwanted pregnancy …” How about the truth, Murdering my child for my own convenience…”
      “is not murder it is a choice..” Taking a human life of a innocent child IS murder, and nothing short of murder. Was it your choice of course. And you need to remember that when you die and stand before God.
      “a choice made by women for various reasons ranging from pregnant due to being raped, incest pregnancy, lack of support from family , lack of money, wrong timing, broken relationship, unable to cope.”
      Rape? What are the chances a woman aborts her child for a rape? One in a million? No it’s all about CONVENIENCE. “MONEY, WRONG TIMING, BROKEN RELATIONSHIP, UNABLE TO COPE?” Ever hear of adoption?
      “Why not use your judgement constructivitly and help the many homeless kids in the world and those who are alive and who are being abused and murdered everyday in the land of the living.”

    5. The same way that we have the right to judge a murderer and a rapist, we have the right to judge someone who kills a baby in the womb. Did you know that sex can make a baby? I assume you did.. Only 1% of all abortions are from rape or incest. 99% of all abortions are for bad timing, not convenient now, my boyfriend will be angry, my parents will be angry etc. If you kill a life, that is murder. Let’s not twist it into different terms.

  17. Guys let us nt judge thou shall be a judgement day where lord mercy wll judge all of our sins ppl who hv done abortion i undrstnd y smtms u hv to do it i am 19 n i thought abt studyin further nxt yr nw i dnt knw as am prego my family is dissapointed thy pushed me to do an abortion said if i dnt do it thy wll disown me yet thy hv done it i regret keepin this baby am 6 months preg n nw abortion is illegal n scared to cripple my health at this late abortion.i feel lonely though the father of my baby is supportin is nt the same wthout support of my family i need thm so mch thy hv told my future is doomed n bona thy ar out as thy hv lost hope nw

    1. I am so sorry you are going thru this with your family! Hopefully they will come around and accept your child. I’ve been thru this same situation and my parents indeed come around…something about seeing their grandbaby for the first time made them change their tune..hang in there

    2. Lebogang, I am praying for you. God hears your cry. Be strong in Him. Go in towards Him always. Don’t give in to self-pity even though it will often seem justified. You will struggle but, if you have this child, it will be a gift and a joy that will help you keep going. We actually have many ways of getting an education in life. You can still study and your life will be the highest form of education. Trust God and move forward in hope. When you feel hope is failing you pray for more hope, and more faith. Fight for it and it will mold you into the person that God created (at her highest potential). Love is the point and it is the highest form of education. God bless you!

  18. Hello everyone. I need advice please. I am 16 years old,my boyfriend is 30. I recently found out that i am 6 weeks pregnant. When i told him his response was to have an abortion. To me abortion is a sin,an unforgivable sin and i dont want to abort my baby. I will do whatever it takes to take care of my baby the only problem is my boyfriend wants me to have an abortion and he says if i dont things wont work out between us . I cant abort but i dont want to lose him. Help me please

    1. If he is 30 and you’re 16, and he is telling you to have an abortion, let’s look at it in another light.
      Do your parents know of this relationship? If not, it would be best to tell them as soon as possible. Yes they will be angry and/or upset with you. They will still love you no matter what.
      If your boyfriend says he loves you and you have an abortion you will still run the risk of losing him.
      You are worth more to your unborn child than you are to your boyfriend.
      If anything get in contact with your doctor, your family doctor, and let him or her know of what is going on.

      Also if you need any help or if I can be of assistance, please email me at rhilby02@yahoo.com.

      1. A man who really loves you will not threaten you that “things won’t work out” if you do not kill your unborn child.

        This man is a pedophile. What he is doing is illegal. Not only is he having relations with an underage girl, but he is trying to coerce her to abort the child he has supposedly conceived with her in “love”.

        This man is an abuser on so many levels. Please reach out to get help. Do not allow this man to deceive you further or let him talk you into an abortion you clearly do not want or beloeve in. He is trying to protect his own behind right now and is not concerned with you or your child.

    2. Love does not seek it’s own. That is from the book of 1 Corinthians; Chapter 13. The “adult” that has spread his seed in you is selfish. He is only loving himself in his demand that you terminate the life of his own child. God will be with you whatever you do. But know that the highest honor of a human being is to bring forth life. We are here because someone else did that. We can’t justify forwarding our own interests and our own right to exist and to live by denying another innocent person their right to exist/live. You will be blessed by this child if you understand that. None of us deserves life. We just were given it. We had no say in that. Do you feel ok denying another that right?

  19. I had an abortion in my first trimester I was only 18 and not ready for parenthood. I was homeless and not in the best of health due to heavy drug use. Because of the drug use I thought my baby wouldn’t be healthy.I thought having an abortion was the easiest route when compared to having to deal with the emotional baggage that comes with the adoption process . I knew a lot of girls that had had abortions and they made it seem like it was nothing , a walk in the park. Most girls I knew used it as a birth control basically . I never really thought about it because I Didn’t really like to. At the time I didn’t have much support and my boyfriend at the time left it up to me but didn’t exactly seem enthused about us having a child together. I wanted to make him happy and I was scared and didn’t think I had the guts to give up a baby for adoption so I went threw with it. My boyfriend wasn’t even there when I went to the clinic. He wasn’t there for me after and shortly after the procedure we broke up. His mother paid for it and took care of me after. I thought she didn’t want me to have the baby too because she offered to pay for the abortion so willingly n all. my boyfriend at the time died two weeks later from a drug overdose. he was his mothers only child. At his memorial his uncle said before he knew he had passed away he had a dream that he saw him walking down a long road holding a baby girl. He asked him where he was going and if he was okay. He said don’t worry we are fine and smiled and keep walking. It’s been 11 years since I chose to kill my baby girl. I now have a one year old little girl. If you used drugs before you found out you were pregnant it’s not the end of the world. There are tests they do to make sure your baby is healthy. Also if you find out you are pregnant soon enough it can have no effect on the baby at all. I have to live every day knowing I took the only chance for my boyfriends mother to have a grandkid away from her. I hate that I made that choice. If u think the easy route is abortion take it from me you are wrong. I think about the baby girl I chose to kill every time I look at my one year old daughter. I could have given a precious gift to someone that can’t bear children. Or I could have just gotten my life together and never made the worst decision I’ve ever made. Life is precious. I see no difference between murdering a child in its crib and murdering a child in the womb. women should never use abortion as a birth control. My friend had a total of 13 abortions from 18 to her mid 30’s. She didn’t like the pill because it made her gain weight . When she got married closer to 40 she realized her internal clock was ticking away and she tried and tried to get pregnant and couldn’t. She regrets having so many abortions and using it as a birth control method. She now knows how it feels to not be able to have a child and realizes she could have helped give children to women that could never have children of their own. She also regrets not keeping the precious gifts she was given. Please think twice before having an abortion.

    1. Wow ur story touched me so much because my mom had an abortion when she was 13 yrs old and then got pregnant again at 14 and ended up miscarrying she didn’t get pregnant again until she was 19 yrs old with my oldest brother and she was on drugs at the time she stayed on drugs until after she had me in ’83 and by that time she had 3 boys already so all of us were born addicted to drugs. Because she did a lot of drugs, in ’81 when she had my second oldest brother he died because she had him when she was only 6 mos pregnant. I’m glad that she didn’t choose to abort us because of the drugs but i was also raised that no matter what you just don’t get an abortion so because of that i don’t believe in abortion and i believe that its murder because they’re still human beings.

  20. These are just horrible!! People need to see what they’re doing to an innocent baby when they choose abortion over adoption. The practices of safe sex and abstinence would help prevent a lot of these tradgic and senseless murders. Yet if an unwanted pregnancy happens, please reconsider the couples who cannot have children on their own.

  21. Abortion is murder, I don’t care how you look at it, and if you can look at these pictures and still do it then you are definitley sick. Just remember we are only here because our parents didn’t murder us.,

  22. I always believed abortion should be legal up to 24 weeks. I’m not so sure now after seeing these pictures. I think I would revise my opinion to the choice to abort any pregnancy up to 12 weeks, but only after that if serious complications mean the fetus isn’t valid or alive or if the mother is in danger somehow.

    There are some very immature comments here but I guess a site of this kind will attract a lot of young teenage girls, as unfortunately it is most likely to be them who have reason to look. These pictures are frightening but they speak for themselves without bias or religion and that means a lot in my opinion. They clearly aren’t doctored or misrepresented in any way. They show a truth that more people should be aware of.

    I suspect there will be people here that think a man shouldn’t have an opinion on this but every baby has a father as well as a mother – though today I have learned a lot more about some of the trials of being the opposite sex.

    Somewhere along the line these pictures go from being the result of a useful but upsetting procedure that has given millions of women a second chance to learn a terrible lesson ( Women should have that right – it is their body, their fetus / embryo and their circumstance, it is not for me to judge) , but at a point these pictures just begin to look like murdered babies.

    There is something very wrong in that I think. It has given me a lot to think about.

    1. I feel exactly the same as you. I do not judge people as they have the right to choose. However these photos are shocking. I believe 24 weeks is to late, it should be brought forward. Looking at these they look no different to any dead body you would see lying there.

      1. BUT THE GOVT. GAVE THEM THIS RIGHT, NOT GOD WHO CREATED THE CHILD. So who gave the govt. permission to give women this so called right? What about this child’s right to live? When is the magic date that turns this non human into a human who deserves rights? You’re either human or you’re not. Think.

  23. Children are an heritage of the LORD; and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Psalm 127:3
    If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse
    us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9
    Repent of abortion. Abortion is murder. The sixth commandment states “Thou shalt
    not murder!” Exodus 20:13 Standing before the throne of LORD JESUS CHRIST
    and guilty of abortion, will send one to hell, and, eventually, the lake of fire for all
    eternity. Revelation 21:7, 8 REPENT AND BE SAVED BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

  24. I really like that. You have set and make the baby the be a woman and raise it. Don’t just kill it what kind of real woman dose that. If u can kill a kid then they just need to do the same to you

  25. I did abortion n I was six weeks. I did it imediately when the doctor told me. I was in shock, didn’t know what to do. Thinking of 9 monthd and my studies, work, financially. So Masie woman fo this with their different situations. When you there you don’t think straight, u just neef a plan for that time.

  26. I hate those people who abort their child when it is a girl I think govt should make some more strict laws for this….

  27. Though the abortion pictures are devastating (like make me weep kind of devastating). The exploitation of sex in our culture doesn’t teach responsibility or even value. I have known women who have had abortions, and I have known children that had been going to be aborted. I would like to encourage that our responses to anyone who is or has be of love. Abortion as I’m aware in most cases is a fear response. If Jesus forgives me my mistakes, I have no place not to forgive others. Fear and hate is not what will change the world, it is love and acceptance. Our approach to this topic is with love for the lives of the babies at hand. I am pro-life, however I believe that we need to remember there are two lives in need of loving.

    Your pictures are brilliant and terrifying; they are the most artistic presentation of massacred hope. I wish they were included in the health systems around the world as young lives are learning about all of these things. If they are old enough to learn about sex, they should be old enough to learn about abortion and the gravity of it’s action.

    I have not had a chance to read your work before responding, so you may already have written what I’ve added below.
    If a woman is pregnant driving to an abortion clinic in many places, and a driver hits her vehicle and the babies dies, that person would be charged with that child’s unborn life as though it were alive. And yet, if she arrives at the clinic herself, she may end it’s life by choice. It’s a very interesting thought.

    El Lenjel


    1. Dear Masey,

      Maybe you should go back to school and learn proper English before you offer your insight on such topics.

      ‘Just sayin

      1. Hey Toenail. Maybe you should go back to school and learn to read better. The girls name is “MASIE”.
        “JUST SAYING”

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