Abortion clinics falsified minors’ ages to get out of reporting abuse

Former Planned Parenthood manager Abby Johnson says:

I’ve found sometimes that charts — when I would audit charts — I would find charts sometimes where the client, when they filled out a medical history, if they were a minor, it would ask, you know, ‘when was the first time you had sex?’ And they would write on there 13 or 12 or something, and in Texas that’s automatically reportable. And so then the counselor, just like you’re saying, the patient educator would sit down with them and go, “Ok, are you sure it was thirteen because if it’s thirteen, now, that’s reportable in the state of Texas. Are you sure it wasn’t fourteen?” And then the client would say, “Oh yeah, I think it was fourteen.”

And then I would look at the history and the educator would have scratched out 13 and would have written, “Patient was not correct. She first actually had sex at age fourteen.” I don’t know if it’s just laziness, that they don’t want to make the report, I don’t know, sometimes it could be that the patient is saying, “please don’t report.” But you know, we’re not there to make sure the patient leaves happy we didn’t report, we’re there to protect these minor girls.

Sarah Terzo “Former abortion workers say they ‘lied about ages’ to avoid reporting sexual abuse” Live Action News October 9, 2018

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