Abortion Clinic Run for Profit

Former employees of the Bread and Roses abortion clinic told the Feminist Voices Journal that:

Employee Margaret,

“The real philosophy is, each woman is worth X amount of money, and the more women we can see the more money we can make. It was not, ‘How did you treat the patients?’ but “how fast did you draw their blood.”

Employee Laura McEnaney,

” We were told…get them in and get them out. I was admonished for not going quick enough.”

Several employees likened the clinic to ” an assembly line” and a “7-11″

Employee Judy said Bread and Roses is an example of what an abortion clinic should not be,”it just fuels the fire for pro-lifers and that worries me.”

Two employees said they were trained to,” maximize the marketing potential.”

Quoted from Life Dynamics

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