Pictures: Abortion at 24 Weeks

Here is what an unborn baby looks like a 24 weeks:

Here are some pictures of babies aborted at this age:



Thinking of having an abortion? Want to talk to someone? Go here or dial 1 800 395 HELP.All calls confidential. and if for whatever reason they can’t help you, you can also try this directory.

Birthright is another excellent organization that helps women considering abortion. They have many centers throughout the world. They are not affiliated with any religion. I called them once. When I told them I was pro-life, they made a point to tell me they were “not political” They will not try to sway your decision.

or if you’d like to talk to  me, contact me at

If you have had an abortion and need support, here are some links for you to try.

Note: if you have come here considering an abortion, please consider reading some of the stories of women who have had them. Go to Women’s Stories section.

In addition, every woman has a right to know the risks of any type of surgery. Abortion clinics and organizations such as Planned Parenthood make a great deal of money off of performing abortions. They may not always give accurate information about abortion’s risks.

A number of studies have been done over the past thirty years. Many of these studies have appeared in very highly respected medical journals.

For example, a study in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, in 2006 found that an abortion raises the risk of a future miscarriage by 60%.

Researchers say this is due to the fact that forced dilation can weaken the cervix, which may cause it to give way in future pregnancies, as well as the possibility of uterine scarring. For the same reasons, other studies have shown that ectopic (or tubal) pregnancies and premature births in future pregnancy are also more common among women who have had abortions. Premature birth can cause disabilities in future children.

In addition, a study in Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners recorded that one in ten abortion patients faces immediate complications after surgery, with one fifth of those being life-threatening.

Several studies have linked abortion to problems in relationships. For example, one study in The Journal of Public Health.

See studies here

In another study that appeared in International Review of Family Planning (Vincent M. Rue “Abortion in Relationship Context” International Review of Natural Family Planning Summer 1985 p 105) 70% of relationships ended within six months of a woman’s abortion.

Note: Some Pictures are labeled by fetal age. In an abortion clinic, length of pregnancy may be determined by the time since the woman’s last menstrual period (LMP) However, conception occurs two weeks after the period ends. Therefore, the age of the unborn baby is two weeks less than the stated time of pregnancy.

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19 thoughts on “Pictures: Abortion at 24 Weeks”

  1. This has come up several times as I am sitting with my 2-4 year old daycare children looking at crafts on the pinterest children’s craft pages. It is very disturbing to these babies!!!!! I am disgusted that you have allowed this to publish on such pages! I am a right to life supporter. But I am not behind this!!! GET IT OFF ANYTHING THAT THESE BABIES MIGHT SEE!!! They need to be protected also!!!!

    Thank You

    1. I don’t understand. maybe someone posted this link to a crafts page. I don’t have pinterest and don’t know how it works. I assure you, this is a pro-life site, has always been a pro-life site, and always will be a pro-life site, with no advertisement on or affiliation with children’s crafts. I do not feel that advertising graphic material on such a site would be appropriate either.

    2. Why would you let the children see this? You are not a competent child care provider if they saw it by you neglecting to hide it from their view. What else have they seen on your computer that is shocking? Do their parents know that you have allowed them to see this? I’ll bet not. You certainly would not watch my children,if you cannot even prevent them looking at something you did not think they should view.

  2. Not only is abortion life destroying it is soul destroying too. There are so many couples who would do anything to have a child grace their home. A lifetime of devastation and pain in your heart if you go through with something so heinous and torturous as abortion, will cause a lifetime of heartbreak and result in one less precious soul in the world. Life. Always.

    1. I disagree with terminating a pregnancy beyond the first trimester, but none of you have the right to judge a woman’s choices. The fact that you are even commenting on something that YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT/HAVENT EXPERIENCED illustrates how uneducated you are. How dare you judge me or anyone for a circumstance/scenario that you don’t know the details of. Why are you even on this site? If you are so pro-life why are you looking at images of dead babies? You sick confused people. I’m pro-life too, & I think u should go get a life yourself & stop focusing on others. Freaks!

  3. If you have found yourself pregnant and unable to keep the baby, please do not kill it. Call any adoption center and you can choose any family you want for the baby. Become an eternal hero to that child and their family. You will get medical care and support and love. That love and gratitude will fill your heart the rest of your life. Instead of having the horrible hell of regret for taking a life, you will have the joy of knowing you created a life.
    Just today my beautiful 6 year old son said “I am so grateful that I was borned, I love you so much mommy!” Tears slid down my cheeks as I thanked the heavens that his birth mother made the choice to let him live.
    It is not easy to choose life, but it is right. Do what is right, the blessings will come.

    1. God bless you and your beautiful family! What a praise for you and your son, and to use it to show others what good an adoption can bring! I pray that many will see and understand what a blessing the birth mother’s decision gave you.

  4. the fault of the present day melee of abortion on virtual demand is the direct result of the lawmakers of the sixties and seventies , with their virtual abolition of fundamental human rights of the unborn child .
    I am pretty sure that at no time did they for see that a humanitarian ruling could lead to the millions of legalised deaths of the innocent in the forty years since the law was changed .
    The medical personnal further deconstructed the idea of personhood by labelling of termination of life as therapeutic , how ever can the massacre of the innocent be labelled therapeutic , these herodian /Nazi terms hardly helped the cause of the unborn .

  5. before laws can be changed the hearts and souls of human kind must be changed first. this is a selfish generation. innocent deaths must be accounted for. like the innocent death of Christ, Abel. this so called christian nation must now be accountable for the over 55million murders of the innocent. God’s wrath has already begun.

    1. How is it that the law would punish a criminal with a separate sentence for killing an unborn child in addition to taking the mother’s life, yet there are no criminal charges for women and doctors who do the same? if I were a public defender I would argue that on the killer’s defense. Not as if to say I agree with what they did, but to prove a point of how backwards our legal system has become.
      You have people lobbying and officials passing laws to allow something that someone else would get time for… it makes no sense…

  6. I was forced into an abortion at fifteen. It was the most traumatic experience I have ever been through. After I had it I went through so many emotions I didn’t know how to deal with I used sex for attention and out of anger I drank excessively til I ended up in the hospital for pancreatitis at 17 and after that started doing meth and pills. I’m doing well now at 31 I have five children and am married but I still don’t know how to deal with those feelings of losing my first child and anger of I felt like I had no other choice. And it took me years to get pregnant after the abortion. Please anyone thinking of having one or parents who are thinking about pushing your teenager into having one please think first because this is not the best decision. I should have a 15 year old son or daughter right now but instead I am left with nothing but a hole in my heart and alot of anger that still effects me to this day. All I can say is make ur children take responsibility for what they got themselves into. I hope I helped someone make a better decision.

    1. Jo, you are so strong, thank you for sharing! I wish I could give you a hug mama. I’m so sorry you lost your little one, & I’m so glad you have the strength & wisdom to share a bit about your experience so that others will have to think twice. I don’t have any other words to say, but just know that my thoughts & prayers are with you.

    2. Jo, you have to understand that you did not want this when it happened. There is a difference between people who use abortion as an excuse to hide their actions, and do not care. You on the other hand, were forced, as you said, into something you did not want and are regretting to this day. There is a big difference.

      Intention is the key thing here. If someone does something that they later find to be the wrong choice, then their only responsibility is for them to never willfully make that mistake again. We cannot control the past, but we can learn from it. That is what God intends our life to include, it is called growing. Use the pain from the past and let it make you stronger for the future. It is easier said than done, but you may have to talk to a grief counselor and a substance abuse counselor if you are still using. Don’t compound the pain with more. The devil wants you to destroy yourself. If you ask God and are willing, He will give you the strength to overcome the negative effects of addiction and depression so that you do not pass it on to your kids. Discouragement is the devil’s best weapon, ask Mary the Mother of God to intercede for you to her Son, Jesus to help you fight. She was scared too, but she kept the will of God in her heart and overcame much.

  7. People are selfish and sick killing these innocent helpless babys if women dont want to have kids they should get on some type of birth control instead of becoming pregnant & murdering there helpless babys

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