Writer gives reasons women have abortions

Leslie Savan wrote the following in the Village Voice:

“…many women of my generation are replacing having children with having abortions, not only in a literal sense but also as a major rite of passage …”wanted unwanted pregnancies” become attractive in the first place because of interacting and not-always conscious motives, among them:

• a desire to know we’re fertile

• to test the commitment of the man…

• abortion as a rite of passage…the fact that more women are aborting makes it more permissible, even intriguing…

• torn between “femininity” and “feminism” getting pregnant proves we are feminine while getting the abortion proves we are feminist…

Leslie Savan,, “Abortion Chic: Attraction of ‘Wanted-Unwanted’ Pregnancies” The Village Voice, February 4, 1981.

9 to 10-week-old unborn baby – most abortions happen about this time

9 to 10-week-old unborn baby – most abortions happen between 6-11 weeks

From baby aborted at nine weeks

From baby aborted at nine weeks

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