99.31% of Abortions Done for Convenience, Not Health

Sometimes pro-choicers argue that abortion must be legal because women often have health problems that make it impossible to carry a pregnancy to term.. Also, they say that many unborn babies that are aborted were deformed or defective in some way. Putting aside the issues that many abortionists have said there are no true reasons why women need an abortion for her health and that many of the babies aborted for defect have manageable illnesses like down syndrome, the vast majority of abortions are for elective reasons. These reasons include a mother not wanting the child interfere with her career, not wanting to be single mother, not wanting to put her baby up for adoption, or simply not wanting another child. Here are the statistics:

from 1980 to 2000 – 99.31% of abortions annually were for non-therapeutic reasons

5460 were for health of mother — that is .36%

3640 were for fetal defects — that is .24%

1,506,770 are for social cases- that is 99.31%

Marybeth T. Hagan  “Abortion: a Mother’s Plea for Maternity and the Unborn” (Liguori, Missouri: Triumph) 2005

nine – 10 weeks, the average age of an aborted baby
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Author: Sarah

Sarah Terzo is a writer for Live Action and a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Consistent Life. She lives in NJ.

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