Say Goodbye to Your Baby

From the late Dr. George Tiller’s website:

“If you wish to see the baby, we call this an identification and separation encounter.

After we deliver and after the twilight anesthesia has worn off so that you will remember the process we will bring the baby to you either at the bedside, or we will go to our quiet room and we will bring the baby to you there.

During this encounter we will describe to you what’s right with your baby we will identify what’s wrong with your baby you may hold the baby, we will take pictures of you and the family holding the baby if you wish and that is not an uncommon request.…

The identification and separation encounter may involve two or three hours of bonding with the baby. The idea the identification that this is your baby and you have had a delivery.

We understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that the difficult part of this process is not premature delivery of a stillborn…. The difficult part of the process is saying goodbye to the relationship you have with your baby, saying goodbye to the hopes and dreams you had…

You have placed this baby in your life someplace and you simply have to start the process of saying goodbye.”

Dr. Tiller did abortions in the second and third trimesters. Some were on babies who had an illness or birth defects such as Down syndrome, others were for elective reasons. On his website, Dr. Tiller referred to the unborn child as a “baby” over 13 times.

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