Zero Population Growth, abortion, and racism

Former executive director of Zero Population Growth Roy Morgan (he’s talking about what abortion was legalized and shortly afterwards) Zero Population Growth was instrumental in the fight to legalize abortion prior to Roe V. Wade.

“There were some people in ZPG in the early years, at the local chapter level for sure… who hopped on the ZPG bandwagon because they were rather draconian about what they wanted to do to bring down the population. Some of them were racist – there’s no doubt about it – some of them were restrictionist; they didn’t want any more people in.… So they’re very hard lined about population growth. It was a lot of that. It was mostly in the early years.”

Suzanne Staggenborg The Pro-Choice Movement: Organization and Activism In the Abortion Conflict (New York: Oxford University Press, 1991) 163

These were people who were involved in making abortion illegal. So it shows that racism was a motive – more documentation of this is in the section on “Racism and Sexism”.

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