Writer tells of woman’s abortion nightmares

A theologian writes about someone he knew who had abortions in America magazine:

“Jane sometimes awakes at night and hears the sound of crushing bones. She recalls the physical sensation of pressure and the psychological helplessness of her strapped-down situation, both during the abortion procedures and subsequently. Recently Jane’s living child, now eight, chooses to come “home” from school to a friend’s house, to eat supper there instead of at Jane’s table, to stay overnight with her friend. Jane asks herself, “Does she know, consciously or subconsciously, what scientists have demonstrated?” Animals and even plants communicate danger and death. Does the girl know that her mother terminated the life of her three siblings? Does the girl fear that her own life could be snuffed out as well?


Jane awakes other nights and hears the cries of children. She wonders how they might have loved and responded to her own love. The vaginal area was anesthetized for the abortion procedure, but Jane’s human awareness was all too keenly alert. There is no anesthetic for conscience.”

Sur, C. (1996, Sep 28). The post-abortion syndrome: A theological reflection. America, 175, 30-30.

Read more about siblings and abortion here. 

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  1. Princess says:

    I had a big problem right now . I always cry when I think. About my baby I dont how to xplain I had take many .. Medicene and herbal to abort my baby but until now no effect I was worried that my baby .. will not be ok.. I dont know wat to do. Please help .. Beacuse my parents told me. That. They through me away from them im so afraid.. For me I want my baby alive but.. I dont know .. How ?? Please advice me

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