Post-abortion woman: I didn’t expect the pain

From a woman named Beth, who had an abortion:

“My first recollection is I’m out on the gurney before going in the room, and the anesthesiologist has put an IV in, and I’m concerned about what kind of drugs he’s given me. It feels like he’s just patronizing me: ‘This is just some Valium. Don’t worry.’ And I can feel the burn when it would go into my veins. So then, once I went in to start the procedure, as I recall, it started hurting immediately. I could keep feeling the burn of the Valium going through, and so they just kept giving me more and more. And that’s when I felt delirious, when I just shouted for Jesus to forgive me. I had no control, and I thought that it was gonna kill me. I didn’t expect that pain. … I’ve thought since that maybe I was further along than they thought, and maybe that’s why it ended up being so difficult.”

Before the procedure began, Beth recalled “wishing I could die so I wouldn’t have to do this. I felt very guilty.”

Cara J. Marianna Abortion: A Collective Story (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2002) 114-115

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