Woman who aborted disabled child: “we used euphemisms”

A woman whose baby had severe health issues and was scheduled for an abortion, writes about the euphemisms she and the medical professionals were using. These euphemisms hid reality. A few days before her scheduled abortion, a friend asked her a question that made her confront what she was doing:

“So when do you go for the abortion?” My friend asked, her voice sympathetic. “Wednesday,” I replied, and then hurriedly got off the phone. I called Mike, my boyfriend, in tears, complaining about how inconsiderate people are, how no one thinks before they speak. The truth was, and until I heard the word “abortion,” it hadn’t occurred to me that I was actually having one.

I was, of course. But we’d been using euphemisms for days, ever since my doctor called to say my amniocentesis results “weren’t good.” We’d say “when we go to the hospital” or “the appointment” or “after the procedure, we can try again.”

Maria Eftimiades “One Woman’s Choice” The Washington Post, November 15, 2003

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