Woman testifies about help crisis pregnancy center gave

Shelly Louis, of Durant, Oklahoma, testified before Congress about the help she received from a crisis pregnancy center run by pro-lifers:

“Unmarried, financially insecure, and six weeks pregnant with my third child…abortion was a very real option for me. Since I was receiving no assistance from the baby’s father and he was encouraging me to terminate the pregnancy, I chose to seek an abortion.

Only because of their encouragement and compassion was I able to think clearly about my options and make the right choice to protect the life of my unborn child. My arrangements to visit the abortion clinic were cancelled and Kiree’s life was saved,

The support of the Pregnancy Center did not stop there. During my entire pregnancy, I attended weekly lessons, which taught me numerous things about the prenatal process and how to care for Kiree after she was born. By attending these lessons, I earned Mommy Money, which I used to ‘purchase’ clothes, shoes, blankets, diapers, and wipes in the on-site Mommy Market,”

VIRGINIA CLINE “Moms At Risk for Abortion Tell Congress Pregnancy Centers Helped” Life News JUL 26, 2012

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