Woman has abortion because she wants to go sailing

A woman in a study on abortion said she had an abortion because she wanted to enjoy life with her boyfriend and go sailing. Gail, age 26, said:

“It was really easy to make the decision, just because I didn’t want to be pregnant. I don’t like to stay home and cook and take care of a child; they make me nervous. My boyfriend is a student, and he doesn’t work. We have all these plans about traveling, and different things – going sailing, building a sailboat, and stuff. Maybe in a few years, but not right now, anyway. So, when I did find out that I was pregnant, there was really no decision to be made, you know, it had already been thought out.”

The author said:

“Gail had stated earlier in her interview that the fetus does not become an equal human life until it resembles human form.”

Judith G. Smetana Concepts of Self and Morality: Women’s Reasoning about Abortion (New York: Praeger Special Studies, 1982) 74 In reality, a preborn baby looks human as early as 7 weeks after conception. Below you can see a preborn baby at 7 weeks, before and after an abortion:

7wkbaby 07w001_medium-new.

By 9 weeks, the baby is even more human-like.

9week_side abort9w2

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