Woman who conceived in rape talks about her son

From a woman who gave birth to her son after a brutal rape:

“Society says, “Who wants this child?”, “Who wants these memories?”, “Do you realize whose kid I’d be keeping?!”, “I don’t want that tied to me!” Even Christians have said these things and yet many have loved and wanted AJ; they can’t help but be drawn to him!

There are those who think abortion is okay, that absolutely adore AJ, and cannot imagine me not having him regardless of how he was conceived. He captures people’s hearts in special ways, and his biological origins or how it happened don’t even matter. Pro-life and pro-choice people alike, who know me and who know him, would be horrified if I said about him what people say about the unborn babies. They know that my son is someone of great worth….

I am so proud of my son and the love he emanates. I am proud of how strong he is (and was in the womb). I am proud of the joy he brings into people’s lives and how inclusive he is.

I didn’t see it coming when I was pregnant and being abused by someone in premeditative, torturous ways. There is so much I didn’t see, but much I honestly feared and wanted to run away from. The problems, shame, and fear was all I could see at the time, but when I had my son, it changed. I changed. My feelings changed. My circumstances changed. I could see clearer how what I once thought before, wasn’t even applicable to me as I held my precious, sweet, baby. Oh how I loved him!…

The memories I dealt with after leaving my ex-husband, [her abuser and rapist] and deal with now, I would have dealt with anyway…baby or no baby.  We don’t always know what the future holds but statistics have shown that having an abortion after being raped actually leads to a higher risk for suicide as well as even more pained memories (more so, if the mother had carried the baby conceived in rape to term). So, to make a decision on killing a baby in the womb because we think everything is going to turn out a certain way, or a better way, is often very misleading. When I look at my son, I see him. I feel the same love that any mother does. I don’t see the memories or the pain. I don’t feel regret or hurt. I feel freedom, and I feel blessed.”

ROBYN MCLEAN   “My Son Was Conceived in Rape, But That Doesn’t Define His Value or His Humanity” LifeNews JUL 17, 2014

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Sarah Terzo is a freelance writer and journalist who works for Live Action. She is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Consistent Life.
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