Woman aborts her daughter, because she might be raped someday

In an article in the New York Times, a reporter writes about a woman who discovered her preborn daughter had down syndrome. The woman had an abortion because she was afraid her daughter might one day be raped:

“Another woman talked quite a bit about rape. She was assaulted as a child, she knew that the statistics for sexual abuse were high for people with intellectual disabilities, and she was determined that her daughter would not experience that, so that was one of the reasons she terminated her pregnancy. She referred to her abortion several times as “the protective choice.”

ALISON PIEPMEIER “Outlawing Abortion Won’t Help Children with Down Syndrome” New York Times APRIL 1, 2013

She killed her child out of fear that the child would one day be a victim of rape. There are never any guarantees in life that a person won’t be victimized, but is it that a good reason to kill them?

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