We gave our baby a humane death- by dismemberment

A woman who has about 20 weeks pregnant had an abortion by D&E. her baby had kidney problems and would have needed a transplant. She says the D&E was “humane”:

“[W]e chose to give our baby what we felt was the most humane, comfortable, and loving end-of-life experience we felt we could facilitate, a cause that on its face is championed even in the most introductory ethics discussions among new medical students…. He did not have to experience one minute away from the warmth and love of my body. We chose, instead, for him to be born straight into peace.”

Phoebe Day Danziger “A Peaceful DeathSlate FEB. 5 2014

In reality, a D&E tears a baby limb from limb. Here is a diagram:


Here is a picture of parts of a baby aborted by D&E at 20 weeks:


Was this a “loving end of life experience”?

Her child died in agony.

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