Two women helped by CPC in Canada

Aid to Women is a crisis pregnancy center in Canada which is located next to an abortion clinic. The government has been trying to shut them down, and police have repeatedly arrested the workers who sometimes try to talk to the women going into the clinic. At one point in the legal battle, the center gathered affidavits of women they helped. Here are the stories of two of them.

songram of baby at 11 weeks

“In December 1992 I was four months pregnant. At the time I had a boyfriend Chris who was not the child’s father.

We decided I would have an abortion. An appointment was made [at] The Cabbagetown Women’s Clinic on Gerrard Street [for an ultrasound] The people at the clinic did not tell me how big my baby was. 

On the way out of the clinic [the abortion was scheduled for the following day] Chris and I met two men and a woman carrying signs. When we walked by them one of them asked if they could talk to us. We said it was OK….Chris and I accepted the invitation to go to Aid to Women next to the abortion clinic…After a while I decided not to have an abortion. Chris then went back to the clinic to get the money back. Since that day we got some more help from Aid to Women. They supplied us with baby clothes and a crib. Chris and I got married on Feb 13, 1993. My daughter Elizabeth was born on May 26, 1993…Aid to Women helped me find a doctor who delivered my baby for nothing.”

Another woman wrote:

12 weeks

“When I arrived, there was a long line of other women waiting for abortions. I could not see the doctor until I waited a long time. Eventually he saw me. He did an ultrasound examination of my abdomen to see the baby. When I asked to see it he refused. I asked him how big the baby was. He would not tell me. He said the abortion was going to be easy…However, by that time of the day I did not have time to wait for the abortion…I explained I had to leave. An appointment for the abortion was arranged for the next day, Nov 2, 1992. By that time in pregnancy, I could already feel the baby move inside me. I cried a lot on Nov 3 before I went to the clinic…Upon arrival at the clinic, I saw ladies outside carrying picture of unborn babies. I looked at the pictures and thought about my own baby. As I was going towards the door a lady asked “Can we help you?” I started crying …They asked if I knew how the baby looks like and they showed me a book about how the baby looks like as it grows inside the mother. 

18 weeks. A mother can feel her baby move at about this time.

They also asked me about why I wanted an abortion. I told them about my financial probems…[They] helped me by paying my rent and helping to pay for the groceries [and] with maternity clothes and things for the baby. My daughter Emily wsw born on April 8, 1993.”

Leonard Stern “Abortion Wars” The Ottawa Citizen May 2000


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