Down syndrome child is college student at 25

An article about a new prenatal test for Down syndrome, which could lead to more Down syndrome babies being aborted, on a couple who conceived a down syndrome baby:

David and Annelies Reilly had dozens of questions swirling in their minds when doctors diagnosed their newborn daughter, Melissa, with Down syndrome.

Could she learn? Would she go to school? Could she ride the bus alone? Could she live a normal life? Could they?

Now their daughter is a college student:

Melissa, now 25, is successful by any measure. The college student is a speaker invited to inspire others around the country. She travels to represent the Down syndrome community internationally, and is a Special Olympian who brings home gold medals in skiing, cycling and swimming. Additionally, she interns for a Massachusetts state senator and tutors pre-school students with Down syndrome in math and reading.

Melissa’s mother says:

“She has taught us compassion for those who are not as strong or so-called perfect and beautiful. We see her as perfect and beautiful.”

Kimbery Hayes Taylor “Down Syndrome Rewards Touted as New Test Loom” NBC News 9/29/2011

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