“She’s not the rapist’s baby, she’s my baby” says mother from rape

A woman who gave birth to her baby conceived in rape says:

“It really upsets me to hear people talking about a woman keeping a ‘rapist’s baby,’ To me, she’s not the rapist’s baby; she’s my baby. He doesn’t deserve any credit. [The thought of abortion] is based on temporary feelings that the baby is the rapist’s baby. But it’s her baby. In all my research, the majority of women who get pregnant through rape don’t want to have an abortion. This is the outside telling these women that they should have an abortion because their loved ones don’t want to deal with [the rape] or think about it. But that woman is not going to forget it, and abortion is not going to solve that problem. And I think that that misconception needs to be cleared. It’s not the woman herself who wants the abortion. It’s usually her family or her friends.”

Although she was homeless when she conceived, this mother is raising her child. She has no regrets.

Nancy Flanders “Raped and Homeless: She Chose Life for Her Baby Not Abortion” LifeNews APR 10, 2013

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