Reporters lie about pro-life demonstration

Pro-lifer Rev. Richard Welch talked about a demonstration he attended:

“I went with my mother and a group of about 4000 pro-lifers and we staged a protest outside the Statehouse in Annapolis.… There were about 5 or 6 people there, who we would now characterize as feminist extremists, who were protesting in favor of abortion.

That night something would happen that I never forgot. On the evening news, 75% of the coverage went to those 4 or 5 proabortionists. All of the interviews were with them, and they even filmed them in such a way that the large group of pro-lifers in the background appeared to be with them.

The reporters outright lied: they said that there were as many proabortion demonstrators as there were pro-lifers. I presumed that what you saw on TV was the truth. It completely changed the way I viewed the American media… Since that time, I’ve had many experiences where the press purposely lied about the abortion issue. Many people don’t realize what they are getting when they watch the evening news – even on shows with allegedly high standards, such as “60 minutes,” where many of the segments are staged and set up.”

Rev. Richard Welch blood of the martyrs: The Journey of a Catholic Priest To the Rescue Movement (Gaithersburg, Maryland: Human Life International, 1994) 9 – 10

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