Reasons Irish women have abortions

The Irish Pregnancy Counseling Center in Belfast refers women to England for abortions. (Abortion was then illegal in Northern Ireland under most circumstances.) These are the reasons Irish women have abortions, broken down by percentages.The statistics were based on interviews with 500 women.

The quality of life for self and family was threatened: 22%

There was parental disapproval: 18%

Woman is too young to care for a child: 18%

Woman is too old to care for a child: 3%

The circumstances were strongly unfavorable: 13%

There was no relationship with putative father: 11%

Others: 7%

8% of the women had had at least one abortion before.

Cited in Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 54

Most of these reasons Irish women have abortions are due to social factors- abortions out of convenience. the woman just does not want the baby. Only a small fraction of abortions were done for reasons of rape, incest, or a health problem in the mother or child.

This preborn baby is 9 – 10 weeks old. This is within the time that most abortions are currently done.

Reasons Irish women have abortions

Reasons Irish women have abortions

Seven weeks

Statistically few abortions take place before the seventh week.  Are the reasons Irish women have abortions good ones, considering that most abortions dismember a growing preborn child?

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