Raped at 11, woman regrets aborting twins

A woman who had an abortion after rape at the age of 11 deeply regretted it. She had an abortion in which the baby was killed by poison and then labor induced. She did not go into labor at the clinic, so they sent her home to deliver her dead child.

“My name is Brenda Darnell, and I am an abortionist! You may think that I have overreacted to make such a statement about an event that happened only once in my life, but for 33 years, I have lived and relived this offense in my heart, mind, and soul.”

When I was 5 months pregnant, my doctor and mother decided I should have an abortion… The abortion was done, but because of a mental block, I did not go into labor for 2 weeks. When I did go into labor, I gave birth to a son. He was black because he’d been dead for 2 weeks. Then, 1 ½ hours later while taking a shower, I delivered my second son – twins! 11, raped, pregnant, sick, abortion, twins, death! Nothing in life has brought me more pain, and no eraser is big enough to make my hurt and pain go away.”

Wendy Williams, Ann Caldwell Empty Arms: More Than 60 Life-Giving Stories of Hope from the Devastation of Abortion (Chattanooga, Tennessee: Living Ink Books, 2005) 47 – 48

Baby aborted at 20 weeks in the same way as Brenda's. This is what her twins would have looked like

Baby aborted at 20 weeks in the same way as Brenda’s. This is what her twins would have looked like

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