Pro-Choicers threw urine on pro-lifers

Abortionist Dr. William Harrison on what was done to pro-life protesters and sidewalk counselors outside his clinic:

“While I definitely did not encourage it, young people began to curse our pickets, several of whom had buckets of urine, and worse, thrown on them as they prepared to listen to a group of smiling young people who seemed to have slowed to tell them how much they supported what they were doing….

On rainy days, water was splashed on them as they stood on the narrow sidewalk in front of my office. In winter, they were splashed with slush. Their churches began to lose members. The ministers in other churches began to speak in support of me and what I do. My community began to seriously support what I did….I was supported by the mayor, the city board, police, the courts, the prosecutors and judges simply because they did their jobs.”

“A Fayetteville doctor, himself a target of abortion protesters, says law officers failed to protect Dr. George Tiller” Arkansas Times JUNE 11, 2009 Here 

Child in the womb at 9 weeks, who would be dismembered in an abortion procedure

Child in the womb at 9 weeks, who would be dismembered in an abortion procedure

See what this baby would look like after an abortion. 

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