Pro-choice pagan Ginette Paris on abortion

Pro-choice advocates said the following:

sonogram at 12 weeks

“At the present time, the fetus is sent down the sewer, without any form of farewell, and the operation obeys the rituals of medicine. In many cases, abortions are serial operations, and it may happen that not one word is addressed to the women, except to verify that she has fasted and filled out 4 copies of the bureaucratic forms. Perhaps she does not even see the doctor’s face, for she has already been given sedatives. She is stretched out on her back with her legs apart when the doctor, passing from one table to another, proceeds with the next abortion. He opens the neck of the uterus, often provoking a flood of emotion to which no one pays any attention… What happens to all the fear, the guilt, the pain, the solitude and the suffering? The guilt, and sometimes revolt, may be crushing and unjust, in so far as the woman bears alone a burden that belongs to all of us.”

Ginette Paris “Pagan Meditations” (Dallas: Spring publications, 1986)

Quoted in Mark Crutcher  “Lime 5: Exploited by Choice ” (Denton, Texas: Life Dynamics Incorporated, 1996)

This quote is an example of pro-choicers acknowledging what a difficult experience abortion is for most women. When pro-lifers work to provide women with other options and help them choose life, we are often saving them from heartache. Read about abortion’s psychological effects here. Read women’s stories here.

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