“bag of baby parts”

In 1992, the remains of aborted babies were discovered. Instead of incinerating the bodies or sending them to apathology lab, the abortion clinic merely dumped them. The babies ranged in age, some of them up to 5 months old. From the article:

Perfectly formed hands of a baby at 5 months

Perfectly formed hands of a baby at 5 months

“Sherri Finik, director of Oklahomans for Choice, a private, nonprofit abortion provider in Tulsa, stressed that the Shawnee incident is “a unique and rare occurrence. It should never have happened. It distresses me that people will not understand that this is not a common occurrence… It makes people question the practices of respectable and professional abortion providers. We would never do anything like what we’ve just seen.”

The Rev. David Monahan, spokesman for the Oklahoma City Catholic Archdiocese:

“The discovery of the fetuses has made the abortion issue “a little more real to us and brought it to our consciousness.

“Especially when I heard the man on television say “I saw little fingers….

Hand of a baby just 12 weeks after conception

Hand of a baby just 12 weeks after conception

“Abortion happens very quietly and out of the way, and we don’t see much evidence of it. We hear the debate going on all the time. This kind of thing brings home what’s happening in our state – how gruesome it is and in my opinion how demoralizing it is.”

Foot of a baby aborted at 5 months

Foot of a baby aborted at 5 months

Robin James, general manager of KQCV Christian news talk radio:

“The doctor said it was a bag of tissue, but the fisherman said that it was a bag of baby parts – that’s the reality.”

“Foes in Abortion Issue Irate Over Fetal Remains Finding” Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) April 17, 1992

Read of more cases when the bodies of unborn babies have been dumped or discarded in dumpsters

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