Post-aborton woman sees aborted baby in a hospital lab

From a woman who worked in a hospital lab. She had had several abortions.

“Working there [in a hospital lab] also gave me the chance to see the effects of an abortion. I walked in the lab one day and saw these big plastic bowls with lids on the table. As I walked toward them, the lab technician said, “I don’t think you want to look in there.” So I picked it up and looked in underneath, and I saw a baby floating in there. It had little legs, fingers, toes, eyes. It shocked me, but I set it back down. I was so hardened at that point that I just didn’t let it get to me. But I know did something to me; I’ve never been able to get that picture out of my mind.”

David C Reardon Aborted Women: Silent No More (Westchester, Illinois: Crossway books, 1987) 86

unborn baby’s foot at 12 weeks


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