Post-Abortion woman: No one told me the truth

From one postabortion woman:

“Not just one, but two children were ripped from my womb within a year of each other. Oh, they were not called children back then. Instead, they were called “blobs of tissue not yet formed,” according to the Planned Parenthood counselors. Little did I know that my life would become even more complicated and dysfunctional as a result of this decision – if you can call it that, for it really was the only choice I was given…

Why wasn’t I told about the side effects of abortion – the pain, the guilt, the fear, the anger, the condemnation, and the loss? No one told me about the depression, the hurt, the loneliness, the fatigue, the anxiety, and the suicidal thoughts that would follow me for years after my abortion. No one told me how I would react when I would see little babies in the mall, or that I would break down and cry if I passed the baby section of the department store. No warning was given to me that I would mourn the death of my children for many years to come and not understand what had gone on inside of me. No one told me I wouldn’t enjoy sex again… I had severe intimacy issues, migraine headaches, and seething anger… I rejected all those who loved me; yet I had sex with men in order to feel loved.…

Is this how someone should feel for simply removing a blob of tissue from the womb? This feeling never occurred after my period, when I could see blood and a clot – like substance releasing from my body. What was different? I was not a medical doctor, but I knew something was wrong. I had been lied to!…

I was told the abortion was supposed to allow me to finish school and later have a family. I was told the abortion was to make the “mistake” go away, and my boyfriend and I could still get married and have children. I was told after the abortion that I’d be on my way, free and clear, with no regret, because I was young and had my whole life in front of me. After the abortion I was told I might bleed a bit, just like having a period, for a few days, and that I might experience cramping and weakness, but after that I’d be fine. Lies, lies, and more lies! Planned Parenthood lied to me, society lied to me, and the doctors lied to me…

I did not finish school. The relationship between my boyfriend and I went from bad to worse, and I lost intimacy not only with him but also with my friends and family… My depression, my self-hatred, these all came about as a direct result of the lies I believed from the counselors. This, in turn, resulted in my consent to abortion and sent me through a downward cycle of torment.”

Cheryl Chew Make Me Your Choice (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2006) 81 – 83

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