Planned Parenthood worker: Women cry after abortion

A Planned Parenthood worker called Dr. Michael Brown’s radio show and asked if God could ever forgive her for working in an abortion clinic. Brown asks her about the women who have abortions:

Radio Host Dr. Michael Brown: The women that come in and out. When you see them having, making this decision, when you see them leaving, is it just some wonderful, happy event for them as well?

Planned Parenthood worker: Oh God no. They cry, and the people, we call them support people that are with them, if they come with a parent, the parents will usually cry – they’re very somber and they cry a lot and we have journals in the back, in the recovery room, where we encourage them to write down their feelings, things like that – and I read them. They’re never happy. They always regret it.”

Kate Scanlon “Anonymous single mom exposes behind-the-scenes details at Planned Parenthood in emotional interview” The Blaze Jul 31, 2017

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  1. Diane Spears says:

    To the planned parenthood worker who called into the radio show: I commend you for having the courage to not only call this radio show, and ask such a heartrenching question, but also to be introspective enough to want some answers. Here is my opinion on your question to the host: Yes, of course God will forgive you. He is quick to forgive, but angry when we keep repeating the same sin. I am a Christian and believe abortion is murder. God makes no mistakes when he chooses to bring a life into this world. He already knows the complete lifetime of this unborn child. I have 7 children, and was a single mother without any emotional family support while raising my children. For the most part, my children are good people. He/God never, ever makes a mistake. You are in my prayers darling lady. Ask for forgiveness, and he/God will, I promise forgive you. He knows your heart, and he knows your hurting. I personally will pray that you are no longer continuing to be complicit in murdering God’s children, and if so, that you walk away right now. I promise new doors will open for you, and your life will be blessed. D. Spears

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