Horoscope tells woman to abort, she does

A woman who was characterized as “brilliant” and a college professor had an abortion because her astrologer. She aborted because of a horoscope. Mary Kenny recounts:

“Another curious case was that of a brilliant woman academic head of a department at a provincial university who was in her 30s and having an affair with an artist – a moody, melancholic yet pleasing man, married, though not very happily. She… became pregnant. She was at the same time very pleased and very sad. She would have greatly liked to have had the child, but she thought the relationship impossible. So she took herself off to an astrologist and had her horoscope cast. The astrologist was disturbed at what he saw in her future, and warned her to try and avoid an event which might happen “about eight or nine months from now.” That clinched it: she knew it was a sign that she must have an abortion. So she did. Some eight months later her lover committed suicide. So it may not have been the birth of the child, but the suicide of the man, that the astrologist had presumably foreseen. The woman was, naturally, very distressed, though she stood by her decision, and felt the suicide of her lover would have been a bad omen for the child anyway. Later, she became obsessively keen to have a child and even considered artificial insemination by donor (AID), though, up to the time of writing (some five years after the original abortion) without success.

What is significant about this case is that it shows how a highly intellectual and rational person can use what some would consider a quirky and superstitious method to help her make a decision about abortion.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986)  56 – 57

It is sad that this woman chose to kill her baby because of a horoscope. This anecdote shows that even a woman who is well-educated and presumably intelligent can make a decision to abort her child based on faulty reasoning. She seems to regret her abortion and desires another child, possibly to replace the one she has lost.


Most abortions are done on babies that look like this, and are over seven weeks of age

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Reasons Irish women have abortions

The Irish Pregnancy Counseling Center in Belfast refers women to England for abortions. (Abortion was then illegal in Northern Ireland under most circumstances.) These are the reasons Irish women have abortions, broken down by percentages.The statistics were based on interviews with 500 women.

The quality of life for self and family was threatened: 22%

There was parental disapproval: 18%

Woman is too young to care for a child: 18%

Woman is too old to care for a child: 3%

The circumstances were strongly unfavorable: 13%

There was no relationship with putative father: 11%

Others: 7%

8% of the women had had at least one abortion before.

Cited in Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 54

Most of these reasons Irish women have abortions are due to social factors- abortions out of convenience. the woman just does not want the baby. Only a small fraction of abortions were done for reasons of rape, incest, or a health problem in the mother or child.

This preborn baby is 9 – 10 weeks old. This is within the time that most abortions are currently done.

Reasons Irish women have abortions

Reasons Irish women have abortions

Seven weeks

Statistically few abortions take place before the seventh week.  Are the reasons Irish women have abortions good ones, considering that most abortions dismember a growing preborn child?

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Counselor: parents force teens to have abortions

JoAnne Crough, professional counselor at Meier Clinics office in Pittsburgh, discusses coerced abortion::

“This happens more often than you might think. In most cases it’s the teen or woman’s parents who suggest this way of dealing with the pregnancy. They make it clear that an abortion will “solve everything.” They typically keep the entire process as secretive as possible. The young woman in this situation is extremely vulnerable to being coerced to make the others in her life happy. She has upset those closest to her with the news of her pregnancy. She feels confusion, shame, and fear. She becomes isolated from other forms of support. Combined, these put tremendous pressure on her to comply.”

Sharon Serratore “Coerced into Unwanted Abortions” The American Feminist Fall/Winter 2016

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Woman “positive about her abortion” suddenly bursts into tears

Author Mary Kenny tells the following story:

Preborn baby at eight weeks. Most abortions happen around this time or later.

Preborn baby at eight weeks. Most abortions happen around this time or later.

 “When Gina Newson was preparing her program for Channel 4, she happened upon a woman who was exceptionally serene about her abortion. The woman was, indeed, almost a model of positive reaction. She had two children and did not want any more. She had very nearly forgotten about the abortion. To oblige Gina Newson, she took out an old diary to check the details. “Took the children to school,” she had noted. “Left the car in the garage. Checked into clinic for TOP” (termination of pregnancy). As she reviewed these banal events in her well organized agenda, all of no consequence, suddenly tears began to fall. And then she cried a lot.

Nobody knows what the consequences of abortion are. Sometimes, that includes the woman whom it most concerns.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 34

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Abortion worker: Sometimes men come to force women

An abortion clinic worker said:

Some men come in to be supportive, but some come to make sure the woman has the abortion – in other words to keep up the pressure on her.

Another abortion worker states:

Some of the saddest cases I have seen are where the woman wants the pregnancy but the man cannot face it.

Neither worker reveals what they do at their clinic when a woman comes in who is being pressured to abort.

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 85, 70

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Woman regrets abortion when her other child dies

Mary Kenny, who interviewed many women for her book on abortion, describes one woman’s situation.

“Some reactions may come many years later. A woman who had had one child but aborted a second pregnancy because times were hard and she and her husband were fairly poor, forgot about the abortion for many years. Then her only child died at the age of 17 in a road accident. From the moment he died, she began to regret the second abortion, and started to feel deep remorse. Although not religious she began to feel that the death of her son was a “punishment” for the abortion carried out 15 years previously. She also very much wished that she had had a second child as a consolation. It is pointless to accuse people of not being “rational” in these circumstances, for feelings are not rational.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 32

This story shows that a woman may not regret her abortion after it happens, but come to regret it years later if there is a change in her life circumstances.

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Georgette Forney, Silent No More Founder, speaks out

The National Silent No More Awareness Campaign was founded by Georgette Forney of National Episcopalians for Life (NOEL).Silent No More is an organization that allows women to tell their stories of abortion regret and sadness. Forney says:

“I had been contemplating the lack of women’s voices…the media portrayed groups like the National Organization for Women and NARAL [National Abortion Rights Action League, Now NARAL Pro-Choice America] as representing women. But I knew they didn’t represent me or the women who were contacting me.”

Georgette Forney was being contacted by many women who regretted their abortions. There are now thousands of women who have told their stories through Silent No More. They have said that they did the wrong thing when they had an abortion. Silent No More helps with their healing and gives them a platform to  speak out.

Lynn Vincent “Victims of their own choiceWorld Magazine April 09, 2005

The Silent No More website is here.

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Woman feels Anger and grief after her abortion

A postabortion woman says:

“The abortion itself was nothing and I was all right immediately afterwards. But then, as time went by, resentment began to set in. I quarreled with my mother, argued with my husband – I took my mistake out on the rest of the world. 2 ½ years have passed since, and there is still anger but most of all, every day, grief. I am not maternal, but I know that I should have had that baby. My marriage is now nonexistent, and I feel the years passing me by. It is very unlikely that I will now have a baby to call my own. I am 39 years old. I feel suicidal at times… People envy me because I look young and am not short of possessions but they don’t realize the hurt I feel inside.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986)  30

Suicidal thoughts after an abortion are sadly very common. Here is more information

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Postabortion woman: Every Christmas I wonder

From a woman who had an abortion:

“My child would be 17 years old this coming Christmas and I wonder with each passing year whether I was carrying a son or a daughter.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 21

Even 17 years after the fact, this woman wonders whether her baby would’ve been a boy or girl. Even though pro-abortion activists argue that women are empowered by their abortions and encourage each woman to “shout her abortion” this postabortion woman is still dealing with the ramifications of her decision 17 years later.

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Doctors don’t know how abortion will emotionally impact women

From a medical textbook titled Abortion by Malcolm Potts:

“The true emotional consequences of abortion for the individual woman can never be known to her physician.”

Quoted in: Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 10

This textbook claims that no medical professional can predict how a woman will deal with her abortion. If it’s true that the abortionist doesn’t know how an abortion will make a woman feel in the future, should he do it?

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