Woman with German measles refuses abortion, has healthy baby

Joanne Dieleman, a Canadian pro-lifer, was pregnant when she contracted German measles. A book tells her story:

“In 1970, Joanne faced a surprising test for what it is to be pro-life. While expecting her fifth child, she contracted German measles. A Dutch midwife, she understood too well the implications; so she went to her female physician who ordered her to hospital the next day. Expecting a battery of tests, Joanne discovered she was scheduled for an abortion. She walked out. Returning to her physician, she cunningly asked, “Will we be able to see if the baby is handicapped when he or she is born?” The physician answered a reassuring, “Yes.” So Joanne suggested “Well, let’s wait then until after the birth to kill him or her.” Abruptly the discussion ended. Later, her baby, Albert, was born healthy and normal. He is now 18 and six foot three.”

Ken Campbell Five Years Rescuing at the Gates of Hell (Burlington, Ontario, Canada: Coronation Publications 1990) 57 – 58

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Abortion doula talks about the sound of abortion

An abortion doula, who tries to make a woman feel better as she is aborting her child, says she tries to prevent aborting women from seeing the blood but:

“…I can’t take away the sound. Most first-trimester abortions are vacuum aspiration. The machine sounds like a sucking through a straw when you’re at the bottom of the glass. The vacuuming is sometimes painful, but I think patients find the sound harder to bear. Lite FM stations play in the background. Most first-trimester abortions take fewer than four songs. Sitting in bars with my friends on summer nights, I hear the same songs and wonder after the women.”

Alex Ronan “My Year As an Abortion DoulaThe Cut SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

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Woman aborts her daughter, because she might be raped someday

In an article in the New York Times, a reporter writes about a woman who discovered her preborn daughter had down syndrome. The woman had an abortion because she was afraid her daughter might one day be raped:

“Another woman talked quite a bit about rape. She was assaulted as a child, she knew that the statistics for sexual abuse were high for people with intellectual disabilities, and she was determined that her daughter would not experience that, so that was one of the reasons she terminated her pregnancy. She referred to her abortion several times as “the protective choice.”

ALISON PIEPMEIER “Outlawing Abortion Won’t Help Children with Down Syndrome” New York Times APRIL 1, 2013

She killed her child out of fear that the child would one day be a victim of rape. There are never any guarantees in life that a person won’t be victimized, but is it that a good reason to kill them?

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Pro-choice writer: women experience “shame” and “powerlessness” during abortion

Helen Susan Edelman supports legalized abortion. But she interviewed postabortion women for an article, and writes:

“Symbolically, silence reflects the sexual shame, stripped-down powerlessness, and vulnerability many women feel during abortion.”

Helen Susan Edelman, “Safe to Talk: Abortion Narratives as a Rite of Return,” Journal of American Culture 19, no. 4 (1996)

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“Crisis pregnancy center made my life 100% better”

This testimony is from a woman who went to a crisis pregnancy center in Mountain View, California:

“When I first went to the Crisis Pregnancy Center, I was in need of temporary housing. With their help, I am staying with a Christian family.

Since the first time I went to the Crisis Pregnancy Center, my life has had a 100% change for the better. I cannot say enough about the Center except I hope that more women go there and get the love and help that I received.”

Curt Young The Least of These: What Everyone Should Know about Abortion (Chicago, Illinois: Moody Press, 1984) 173-174

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Jewish former abortionist speaks of “abortion holocaust”

Jewish former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson said to an audience in Canada, where he was speaking:

“I’m going to set it against my Jewish heritage and the Holocaust in Europe. The abortion holocaust is beyond the ordinary discourse of morality and rational condemnation. It is not enough to pronounce it absolutely evil… The abortion industry is a new event, severed from connections with traditional presuppositions of history, psychology, politics, and morality…This is an evil torn free of its moorings in reason and causality, and ordinary secular corruption raised to unimaginable powers of magnification and limitless extremity.”

Quoted in:

Kenneth Paul Fye, PhD Obvious Murder: The March From Abortion to Infanticide (May 30, 2016) 253

Jewish former abortionist Dr. Nathanson

Babies aborted in Canadian hospital, photo published from Dr. Jack Willke

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Pro-Choice environmentalist wishes for deadly virus

Pro-Choice writer David M Graber writes about how the planet would be better off with fewer people. He says “the right virus” should develop that would kill people.

“Human happiness and certainly human fecundity are not as important as a wild and healthy planet… [Nature has] intrinsic value, more value to me than another human body or a billion of them… Until such time as Homo sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along.”

David M Graber “Mother Nature as a Hothouse Flower” Los Angeles Times Book Review (October 29, 1989) 9

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Medical Journal says scientists dissected aborted babies

An article in the Journal of Clinical Pathology describes how the bodies of aborted babies were cut up for body parts, which were then shipped to researchers around the world:

“Fetuses are collected within the London area and brought back to the hospital as rapidly as possible for immediate dissection by surgical theatre techniques in a sterile room…Each fetus is given a number, and the tissues are distributed, the names of each of the recipients being recorded.”

Sylvia D. Lawlor “Conception and Development of Fetal Tissue Bank” Journal of Clinical Pathology 1981

14 week "fetus"/preborn baby

14 week “fetus”/preborn baby

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Post-abortion woman: you always think about it

In the educational video “Understanding Pregnancy Alternatives”, a post-abortion woman says the following:

“Looking back, I honestly feel that no woman should ever go through an abortion. The feelings of guilt will always be there. If the person does choose to have children later on, you always think of the child as your second baby, not your first. Even when you go to the hospital the doctors ask you, “Is this your first pregnancy?” It hurts to have to say, “No,” but yet you have no other children to show for it. It hurts to say that.

With the abortion, after it was over and done with, I tried not to think about it but you always think about it. When I look at my daughter, I always think of her as my second child, never as my first child. My first child is gone….

Every time you look at a child you think and then you find yourself counting the years- “Well, my child would have been one today,” or “My child would have been four.”…You never see another child without thinking about yours and wondering what your child would have been like. And you wonder the classic question: “I wonder if it would have been girl or boy?”

Quoted in Curt Young The Least of These: What Everyone Should Know about Abortion (Chicago, Illinois: Moody Press, 1984)

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Counselor says that half of relationships break up after abortion

Bruce Rappaport is the program director of the Men’s Support Center, an abortion counseling organization. He has experience counseling men whose partners have had abortions. According to Rappaport, although they’ve done no official study, counselors at his centers have found that half of all relationships break up after the woman has an abortion.

Rappaport said this in an article he wrote for Mademoiselle:

Bruce Rappaport “Abortion: Are Men There When Women Need Them Most?” Mademoiselle April 1981, 253

Read more about relationships breaking up after abortion here.

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