Woman reveals horrible abortion experience

One woman gives an account of her abortion:

“I went to a doctor’s office and picked up literature on “choices.” An abortion was described as a simple procedure… In and out in one afternoon… No complications… Removal of tissue. So I decided to have the “procedure.”…

A nurse strapped my feet into high stirrups, and it began. A doctor, who never spoke to me, forced what felt like the blunt end of a branding iron into my vagina so hard the pain caused my head to jerk backwards against the table. He shoved this metal rod in again, and again, and again. I could feel him scraping inside my uterus. Noise exploded in my head! A roar like a loud vacuum sweeper. A sucking noise like a dentist’s suction instrument. Slapping sounds like someone clapping their hands right next to my ear. I thought it would never end.

I screamed and begged them to stop! I shouted for help! But I wasn’t making a sound; my pleadings were all inside my head. Tears soaked my hair and the table under my head. Finally, the doctor pulled the metal thing out and left the room.…

That night I thrashed around in bed; the whirling, sucking, slapping noises roaring in my head. When I did sleep, horrible nightmarish dreams kept repeating themselves.

Then the crying started. A baby’s cry. I checked Sara [her daughter]. She was sound asleep. I looked everywhere in our tiny apartment for the baby… I realized there was no baby! I slumped to the floor next to my bed sobbing. Every night for months, the baby cried.… I asked myself 1000 times, “How could I have done such a thing? Why did I agree to have an abortion?”

Barbara Horak Real Abortion Stories: The Hurting and the Healing (El Paso, Texas: Strive for the Best Publishing, 2007) 33 – 34

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Woman has abortion, boyfriend is on ski trip

From a woman who had an abortion:

“I was so upset that my boyfriend gave priority to a ski trip just at the time of the abortion.”

Vivian Wahlberg Memories After Abortion (Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing, 2007) 30

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Postabortion father: “a piece of our love died”

From a man whose partner had an abortion:

“It is something from me as well as from her that is taken away. It is like a piece of our love that is removed and that we have to rebuild.”

Vivian Wahlberg Memories After Abortion (Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing, 2007) 51

Studies have shown that up to 70 – 80 % of relationship break up following an abortion.

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Teenager discovers too late about her baby

From one teenager who had an abortion:

“In my junior year health class I found out that my baby had developed to the point of looking like a person with arms, legs, and a head. And she could feel pain. That knowledge will haunt me for the rest of my life… I would trade every success and milestone in my life to have her back.”

Barbara Horak Real Abortion Stories: The Hurting and the Healing (El Paso, Texas: Strive for the Best Publishing, 2007) 26

She was told in the abortion clinic that her child was only tissue.

Baby at 9 weeks in the womb, the teenager had a child like this

Baby at 9 weeks in the womb

Read other examples of women who were deceived by abortion clinic workers.

Read what the workers themselves have to say about their ‘counseling.” 

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Pro-choice Swedish author admits that abortion takes lives

Vivian Wahlberg, a pro-choice author from Sweden, says the following in her book about abortion:

“Often an abortion involves a conflict of an existential as well as ethical nature that can place both the nursing staff and the patient in a dilemma. To protect and save life and to sometimes assist at its very beginning are the ultimate goals of medical practice, and abortion is directly opposed to these goals.”

Vivian Wahlberg Memories After Abortion (Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing, 2007) 19

Although Wahlberg is pro-choice, she is admitting here that abortion is in opposition to saving a life. It is, therefore, taking a life. She knows this even though she supports legal abortion.


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Norma McCorvey, future pro-lifer, attempted suicide after Roe V Wade

Norma McCorvey was the plaintiff in Roe vs. Wade, the woman whose case two ambitious attorneys used to strike down all abortion laws. McCorvey would later become pro-life and campaign to end abortion until her death. When McCorvey found out that the case had been decided at all abortion laws were invalidated, leading to unrestricted abortion in all 50 states, she felt so guilty that she attempted suicide. Afterwards, she would fight her feelings of guilt and go to work in an abortion clinic. An article in Focus on the Family says:

When she found out that the case had gone all the way to the Supreme Court and resulted in legalizing abortion in all 50 states, she was stunned. “I sat in the dining room that night and just kept rereading the newspaper story and drinking – drinking and thinking,” she says. “It made me sad to know that my name, even though it was a pseudonym, would always be connected to the death of children.” McCorvey got a straight razor and started cutting her wrists a little at a time. “That didn’t work, so I went out and got as many pills as I could. I took all of them and chased it with a quart of Johnny Walker, thinking I would die, and I would never have to talk to Sarah Weddington or Linda Coffee again. But that was not God’s plan for me. 

Tom Nevin “Roe V Wade: 30 Years of Lies” Focus on the Family, January 1, 2003

Read more about Norma McCorvey here.

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Doctor weighs in on “medical indications” for abortion

From Dr. Arthur O’Leary, an experienced OBGYN:

“In past years I was privileged to have [delivered] countless babies. My father did many before me. Neither of us ever encountered a “medical indication” for abortion. In fact, before 1973 it was medically legal to abort a [pregnant] mother as a life-saving procedure. Records indicate that the total number of abortions done at St. Luke and Cornwall hospitals prior to 1973 was one.”

“Cardinal’s Death Brings New Life” Washington Watch-News Watch , January 2, 1997

More doctors talk about how abortion is rarely or never needed to save a woman’s life.

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Planned Parenthood milked tragedy of Hurricane Katrina for donations

Jim Sedlak, Executive Director of American Life League’s STOPP International, pointed out that on Planned Parenthood’s website, it urged people to donate to Hurricane Katrina relief in 2005.

Upon closer inspection of the fine print on the webpage, the pro-choice organization explained that all money raised will be “used to support its own clinics and offices, not to support any of the rescue efforts or critical services needed by storm victims in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast.”

“Pro-Life Leader: Planned Parenthood Should Lose its Tax Funding” National Liberty Journal, Oct 2005

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Abortion researcher: clinics “oversold” abortion

MP Bracken, an abortion researcher, who has done a number of studies on postabortion women, said:

“When I first got into the whole area of pregnancy and abortion, clinic personnel were quite rightly…trying to convince women that abortion was not such a bad thing after all… I think the public has bought the fact of abortion so well that clinics have in fact oversold it.”

LB Francke The Ambivalence of Abortion (New York: Random House, 1978) 31

Read about the physical and psychological hazards of abortion.

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Roe V. Wade did not “settle” abortion as New York Times thought

Once Roe V Wade was decided, many in the media and the public thought that the abortion question was settled forever. They underestimated the dedication of people who opposed abortion. Over 40 years later, although we have not overturned Roe V Wade, the pro-life movement is stronger than ever.

“The day after Roe V Wade was decided, the New York Times headline read, “Supreme Court settles abortion.” It has remained the most unsettled issue on our national landscape.”

Frank Pavone “No Truce on Abortion” Washington Times, October 13, 2010

Among the reasons why the pro-life movement remains so strong is the facts about fetal development and the graphic pictures of what abortion does to preborn babies. These things sway more people over to the pro-life side

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