Director of National Abortion Federation: Abortion is profitable

Uta Landy, then executive director of the National Abortion Federation, said:

“Abortion certainly is profitable…Making money is not a bad thing.”

Scott Kraft “The Business is Abortion: And It’s a Big BusinessObserver-Reporter January 18, 1983

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Pro-Choice feminist Naomi Wolf on pro-lifers

In an interview pro-choice author Naomi Wolf admitted that she had “been raised all her life” to “demonize” pro-lifers.

She says:

“I have to reckon with the fact that many of the people I’ve heard from on that side [pro-life] of the divide are thoughtful, ethical people who respect women and who believe that it is a deep moral concern and even a deep religious concern to raise the status of women in society.”

The interview took place with William F. Buckley on the TV show “Firing Line.”

Carole Novielli “Pro-choice feminist: Abortion leads to ‘cheapened view of human life’Live Action News December 15, 2017

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Abortionist experiences feelings of remorse

In a book on abortion counseling, one British abortionist said:

“I occasionally feel pangs of remorse and have to remind myself of the consequences of the woman’s continuing with the pregnancy.”

Joanna Brien, Ida Fairbairn Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling (London: Routledge, 1996) 175

Prebon baby at 10 weeks, legal to abort in both England and the US

Prebon baby at 10 weeks, legal to abort in both England and the US

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Parents call baby with Down syndrome the “greatest joy of our lives”

The parents of a child with Down Syndrome shared the following:

“Three years ago we had a child with Down syndrome, a closed esophagus and leukemia. After months of heartache, long hours at the hospital, not to mention unpaid bills, today he is the greatest joy of our lives. Anyone whose mischief can make me laugh before I’ve had my first cup of coffee in the morning can’t be all bad.… Who is more severely handicapped, someone who asks for nothing but hugs and cookies, or the person who would deny him an existence because he will never be a doctor or a lawyer?”

Randall J Hekman Justice for the Unborn (Ann Arbor, Michigan: Servant Books, 1984) 56

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Man unprepared for impact of partner’s abortion

A man named Charles whose partner had an abortion says:

“I knew what was going to happen wasn’t really up to me. So it was obviously one of the most powerless moments of my life — by a longshot. And feeling powerless about something that’s very much a part of you makes you feel very alone…..

I had a good idea of what was medically involved in an abortion, but I definitely wasn’t prepared for how I’d feel or how to process that feeling. Watching my half-sister grow up, who was a year older than this baby would’ve been, would sometimes remind me that another reality could’ve played out….Talking about how I was feeling seemed impossible….”

Angelina Chapin “8 Men on What It Was Like When Their Partner Had an Abortion” Mel Here

visited 10/2/2017

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Post-Abortion woman: No one told me the truth

From one postabortion woman:

“Not just one, but two children were ripped from my womb within a year of each other. Oh, they were not called children back then. Instead, they were called “blobs of tissue not yet formed,” according to the Planned Parenthood counselors. Little did I know that my life would become even more complicated and dysfunctional as a result of this decision – if you can call it that, for it really was the only choice I was given…

Why wasn’t I told about the side effects of abortion – the pain, the guilt, the fear, the anger, the condemnation, and the loss? No one told me about the depression, the hurt, the loneliness, the fatigue, the anxiety, and the suicidal thoughts that would follow me for years after my abortion. No one told me how I would react when I would see little babies in the mall, or that I would break down and cry if I passed the baby section of the department store. No warning was given to me that I would mourn the death of my children for many years to come and not understand what had gone on inside of me. No one told me I wouldn’t enjoy sex again… I had severe intimacy issues, migraine headaches, and seething anger… I rejected all those who loved me; yet I had sex with men in order to feel loved.…

Is this how someone should feel for simply removing a blob of tissue from the womb? This feeling never occurred after my period, when I could see blood and a clot – like substance releasing from my body. What was different? I was not a medical doctor, but I knew something was wrong. I had been lied to!…

I was told the abortion was supposed to allow me to finish school and later have a family. I was told the abortion was to make the “mistake” go away, and my boyfriend and I could still get married and have children. I was told after the abortion that I’d be on my way, free and clear, with no regret, because I was young and had my whole life in front of me. After the abortion I was told I might bleed a bit, just like having a period, for a few days, and that I might experience cramping and weakness, but after that I’d be fine. Lies, lies, and more lies! Planned Parenthood lied to me, society lied to me, and the doctors lied to me…

I did not finish school. The relationship between my boyfriend and I went from bad to worse, and I lost intimacy not only with him but also with my friends and family… My depression, my self-hatred, these all came about as a direct result of the lies I believed from the counselors. This, in turn, resulted in my consent to abortion and sent me through a downward cycle of torment.”

Cheryl Chew Make Me Your Choice (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2006) 81 – 83

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Abortion doula encourages 14 year old girl having abortion

An abortion doula, who encourages women while they have abortions, recalls talking to a girl about to have an abortion:

“Another patient asks, “Do you think I’m too young for an abortion?” I tell her no; I think she’s making a really responsible choice. She looks at me, says, “Do you even know how old I am?” I shake my head no. “I’m 14,” she says.”

Alex Ronan “My Year As an Abortion DoulaThe Cut SEPTEMBER 14, 2014


Above: most abortions take place around this time.

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Abortion clinic supervisor on women’s choices

A supervisor at an abortion clinic says the following:

“I feel it’s important for women to acknowledge that sometimes they have got a choice, even though it’s not a very good one. Like living on welfare, it is a choice, even though it’s not attractive. You acknowledge that people have got a choice, even if it is a very small amount of choice because of their circumstances…

Women may say, oh, I don’t want to have a baby because I haven’t enough money, or my partner and I haven’t known one another very long. When I feel it’s good just to say, I don’t want a baby at the moment. I think that’s perfectly all right. There’s nothing stronger than that, when you think of what it takes to have a baby.”

Patricia Lunneborg Abortion: A Positive Decision (Westport, Connecticut: Bergen & Garvey, 1992)

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Communist compares banning abortion to rape

From one pro-choice article:

“Banning abortion is like rape – the violent assertion of male domination and male supremacist society over women, forceful and violent control of women’s bodies, in the most personal dimensions. Banning abortion means suppression of women by force of law and the state. It is institutionalized violence against women.”

Revolutionary Worker “A Revolutionary Communist Viewpoint on Abortion and Women’s Liberation” January 15, 1995

Below are diagrams of the two most common abortion procedures. Is opposing these procedures equivalent to supporting rape?



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23% of pro-choicers believe life begins at conception

According to one study:

“14% of pro-choice advocates say life begins when the fetus has measurable brain activity or motion.

Even among pro-choice advocates, 23% believe life begins at fertilization.

38% of pro-choice advocates believe life begins when the fetus would be able to survive outside the womb.

15% believe life begins at birth.”

When Does Life Begin?” The Harris Poll, HarrisInteractive, February 18, 2007

]Cited in Johannah Haney The Abortion Debate: Understanding the Issues (Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, Inc., 2009) 19

Brain waves have been measured in an embryo at 42 days after conception

5 weeks

5 weeks

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