Mother demands 12 year old daughter “chooses” abortion

A woman who had an abortion at 12 wrote:

“I got pregnant for the first time when I was 12. I didn’t have any idea about birth control. I wasn’t devastated. At 12, how can you even begin to comprehend the vastness of the situation? When my mother found out she went through the ceiling. She helped me make my decision. I remember her words, “I want what you want as long as what you want is what I want. And what I want is an abortion.”

She went on to have 2 more abortions.

MARILYN BALAMACI, et. al. “Eight Other Women’s StoriesPeople Magazine August 05, 1985

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Partner in abortion clinic describes his “confusion”

Tom, whose girlfriend is having an abortion, said:

“The women here mostly looked distressed, worried, sad. But the men all looked different. One looked sorrowful, one looked guilty, one angry; one was asleep, one absent. The man’s part in an abortion is defined by uncertainty. In the absence of positive role models (if such role models are conceivable) and clear feedback of any kind, I felt very much alone with my feelings.

How am I supposed to respond to all this? I wondered at the time. I didn’t like the apparent emotional choices offered by the men around me, and the grave waiting lounge implicitly forbade conversation with anyone but the person with whom you had come.

I felt uncomfortable, awkward, out of place, but I also felt I should be there. I couldn’t bring myself to share these qualms with my girl. She was having the operation, after all. How could I complain about my mere uneasiness when she was about to go through the physical discomfort of an abortion?”’

Carole Dornblaser and Uta Landy, PhD The Abortion Guide: A Handbook for Women and Men (Rockville Center, New York: Playboy Paperbacks 1982) 79

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Rape survivor: my daughter is “the most beautiful girl in the world”

A woman who was raped by her ex-boyfriend and conceived a child, does not regret giving birth to her daughter. She says:

“My little girl is now three years old and she is the most beautiful girl in the world!  We are (age appropriately) honest with her.  She knows that her Daddy didn’t make her, but he chose her.

She is not a “rape baby.”  She is MY baby.  She is the baby of a rape victim, and she is worthy of life.  Children like her should not be punished for the crimes of their fathers.

My daughter is truly the rainbow after the storm.”

The “daddy” is the woman’s  husband, who she met later.

HALYN MCGUIN “Pregnant After a Brutal Rape and Told to Have an Abortion, Here’s How I Responded” LifeNews  JAN 7, 2016

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Mother: I love my daughter more now that she’s had an abortion

In a book on abortion, one mother writes:

“When I learned of my older daughter’s abortion… we hugged and she cried, and I said, “I wish you had told me. But now that I know I don’t love you any less. I probably love you more.”

Carole Dornblaser and Uta Landy, PhD The Abortion Guide: A Handbook for Women and Men (Rockville Center, New York: Playboy Paperbacks 1982) 69

The pro-choice book this appears in was published by the Playboy Foundation.

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News service distorts truth about pro-life rescue

Randy C. Alcorn, who attended a pro-life rescue (a sit in at an abortion clinic) told the following story about the reporter who interviewed him.

“I was interviewed at one rescue by a newspaper reporter. We had talked at length, and I was pleased that all the rescuers were very calm and controlled, so he wouldn’t have any grounds for a sensational story and hopefully stick to the facts.

Later, however, one woman who was not with our group and did not come to rescue arrived on the scene and began shouting at the clinic personnel and one policeman. One of our leaders took her aside and begged her to stop. I immediately went to the same reporter and pointed out that the woman shouting was not with the group doing the rescue, and in fact we were actively trying to calm her down and get her off the premises. I specifically said, “Please don’t give the impression that she’s with us, because she isn’t.”

The article in the next morning’s paper focused on this woman and her shouting and name-calling. It left the definite impression that she was not only with our group, but representative of our behavior. This isolated 10 minute incident, totally uncharacteristic of the rest of the five hours we were there, became the major focus of the story. 500,000 readers would come away with a completely inaccurate impression of both the rescue and the rescuers.”

Randy C. Alcorn Is Rescuing Right? (Downers Grove, Illinois, Inter-Varsity Press, 1990) 134 – 135

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Abortion clinic director on why women pay in advance

Laura Moody, director of abortion clinic Hope Clinic, on why they have women pay in advance:

“It’s the nature of the business. Unlike a family doctor, we don’t have a long-term relationship with the patient. They may have used an assumed name or a wrong address or phone number.”

They do not accept charge cards, only cash.

Scott Kraft “The Business is Abortion: And It’s a Big BusinessObserver-Reporter January 18, 1983

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Rape survivor: babies conceived in rape don’t deserve to die

An 18-year-old woman named Alisha went on blind date with her pregnant best friend, her best friend’s boyfriend, and another guy. Her date got her drunk and the four of them went back to his house. While she was under the influence of alcohol, he raped her. The two men had planned the whole thing. The rapist also attempted to rape Alisha’s friend, but she fought him off. They eventually brought the two girls home, and her best friend lost the baby from trauma the next day.

Alisha says:

“Eight weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. When the nurses and doctors heard that I was pregnant by rape, they tried to convince me that aborting my baby or adopting my baby out would be the best thing for my baby. I was in disbelief! I was just traumatized, and now they want to do that again? More violence, more trauma? Why would I kill an innocent child? Why would God give me a gift so I can say, “No, I don’t want what you just gave to me,” and throw it right back at God like a piece of trash? My child is human and he deserves to live!

My parents found out I was raped and pregnant when they overheard me tell a friend on the phone. Of course, they were upset that two months had gone by and I had not told them, but they were extremely supportive of me and my baby. They had raised me to be pro-life, and I knew it was never okay to kill a baby….

When I look at my son, I have never thought of him as being born from rape. Life has been good for me and my son. He’s smart and gets great grades. He’s in the 7th grade now. He knows what happened and he’s so thankful to be alive. He will one day grow up and get married and have children and grandchildren. My son deserved his right to life….

He told me that he’s glad I didn’t abort him and that he’s happy to be alive….

I am sharing my story now because people need to be aware that these babies don’t deserve to die for someone else’s crime. I’d like to get the message across that there are more women like me who love our children who were conceived in rape, and like my son, who deserve to live – and without shame to them.”

Raped after a blind date, Alisha refused abortion and is raising her son on her ownLive Action News October 31, 2017

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Survey of Post-Abortion women reveals emotional turmoil

Lisa Arnold compiled the following statistics in 2002 and 2003 from over 200 postabortion women. She works in a crisis pregnancy center, and this is taken from the women who came to her who had past abortions.


My decision to abort had a great impact on my life

agree: 88%
disagree: 7%
not sure: 5%


my self-image has changed since my abortion

agree 78%
disagree 11%
not sure 11%

I cry over my abortion and aborted child (1 – 3 times per month)

agree: 44%
disagree: 39%
not sure: 17%

I feel disconnected and separated from others since my abortion.

Agree: 58%
disagree: 36%
not sure: 6%

I have trouble expressing my emotions.

Agree: 62%
disagree: 29%
not sure: 9%

I find myself being easily angered

agree: 72%
disagree: 21%
not sure: 7%

I struggle with depression.

Agree: 69%
disagree: 20%
not sure: 11%

I am startled when unexpectedly approached or hear a loud noise.

Agree: 57%
disagree: 20%
not sure: 11%

I often feel moody or irritable.

Agree: 80%
disagree: 11%
not sure: 9%

I have trouble sleeping.

Agree: 69%
disagree: 22%
not sure: 9%

I struggle with guilt and self-condemnation over my abortion.

Agree: 85%
disagree: 10%
not sure: 5%

I have kept my abortion a closely guarded secret.

Agree: 82%
disagree: 17%
not sure: 1%

I thought my life would stay the same or change for the better after my abortion.

Agree: 67%
disagree: 18%
not sure: 15%

I worry a lot about the future.

Agree: 78%
disagree: 14%
not sure: 8%

I feel separated from God because of what I have done.

Agree: 65%
disagree: 30%
not sure: 5%

I am afraid God will punish me for having my abortion.

Agree: 72%
disagree: 16%
not sure: 12%

It is difficult for me to make decisions and stick to them.

Agree: 56%
disagree: 2%
not sure: 42%

I thought the emotional pain I have felt over my abortion would lessen over the years but it has gotten stronger.


Agree: 78%

disagree: 19%
not sure: 3%

I think about how old my child would be now.

Agree: 86%
disagree: 12%
not sure: 2%

My abortion experience as a whole was the biggest mistake of my life.

Agree: 73%
disagree: 15%
not sure: 12%

My abortion experience was a relief and helped me to get on with my life.

Agree: 12%
disagree: 76%
not sure: 12%

I would never have another abortion.

Agree: 79%
disagree: 3%
not sure: 18%

I would have another abortion if I felt I had to.

Agree: 9%
disagree: 80%
not sure: 11%

I am interested in free postabortion counseling.

Agree: 75%
disagree: 11%
not sure: 14%
“The women surveyed are of ages ranging from 14 to 58 and come from widespread socioeconomic environments, are of various ethnic backgrounds and have diverse religious beliefs. The period of time from their abortion experience to complete the survey varied from one month to 37 years. The information was gathered in an effort to research the overall effect abortion has on a diverse number of women. It will be used to benefit those involved in counseling and recovery from postabortion stress.”

Jennifer O’Neill Healing through God’s Grace after Abortion (Deerfield Beach, Florida: Faith Communications, 2005) 63-65

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Abortion leads to loss of relationship

A woman named Mae writes about her abortion:

“… Despite my partner having used contraceptives, I was expecting a baby.

My first feeling was one of great happiness, swiftly followed by confusion; what would this mean to my partner? Our relationship was still in its early stages; who knew if there was a future in it? We were still finding out about each other; I didn’t want to force him into committing himself to me permanently…

I rang my partner and asked to see him. When he arrived, I told him my news: “I’m pregnant.” His response was matter-of-fact. “Well, whatever you do about it, it’s your decision.”

I have since realized that this kind of statement simply stems from a man shrugging off any personal responsibility. Rarely does it spring from respect for a woman’s autonomy.

I couldn’t pretend it was what I wanted to hear. At a time like that, I wanted him to show some emotion. I think it was fair enough to give me back the responsibility, but after all, the baby was his as well as mine.

His detachment only added to my confusion.…

Somehow, the path ahead of me was narrowing into a single channel – that of abortion. All the circumstances pointed to it. I had little to offer a baby in terms of a home or a father; although I hoped to keep my relationship with the baby’s father. So why didn’t I call a halt there and then? I could’ve said, “Wait a minute…”

But I can see now that there wasn’t any space to reflect. The clock was ticking by and I was told, “You’ve only got so many days in which to make a decision.”…

Wanting to please my partner… I listened carefully for nuances in our conversations about the situation. There were hints that an abortion would be best at this stage: he would say, “It’s still early in our relationship, so it’s your decision,” which I chose to interpret as meaning that he saw future for us. Left to myself, I made the abortion decision on an “information basis”, determining my future by sifting the information I had received.”

After the abortion:

“The relationship with my partner lasted another 18 months to two years… The fact that our relationship became destructive to me reinforces my realization that I made the wrong decision over the abortion… He just wasn’t the supportive, loving person I thought him to be at first.”

Melanie Symonds, Phyllis Bowman And Still They Weep: Personal Stories of Abortion (The SPUC Educational Research Trust, 1996) 27, 28, 29

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Pro-Choice author on abortions motivated by “care and protective concern”

Pro-Abortion author Leslie Cannold interviewed pro-choice women, and reported that they believed:

“An abortion decision that did not reflect a woman’s “feelings” and “love” for her could-be child and other significant people in her life, and that was not motivated by care and protective concern for all those she loves, was just plain wrong.”

Leslie Cannold The Abortion Myth (Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press, 1998)  xx

Below; Was this abortion motivated by “love” of the child?


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