Father presses partner to abort, is later glad she didn’t

The following story about a man who demanded his partner abort his baby appeared in Make Me Your Choice by Cheryl Chew:

“When I shared the news [of the pregnancy] with Ray that evening, he couldn’t believe my words. His first reaction and remark was: “What! That doctor is stupid. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He can’t be right. Possibly the pregnancy kit could be wrong. Von, go to another doctor and get a second opinion.”

My man was very angry and emotionally upset. Ray didn’t think he was ready for a child, and he said, “What are you gonna do about it? Are you going to get rid of it?”

I told him, “If anyone has to go, it has to be you!” At that time I had been with Ray for 17 years.

He grew very quiet and finally responded, “Von, if you want this baby, then you will have to be 100% responsible for it!” He was 50 years old at the time, and he felt he was too old to have children…

Five weeks before the baby was born, we hired a nanny…. The day when Avalon was born, Ray held her in his large arms. As she put her tiny, precious head upon his neck, he fell instantly in love with her.

Three days after our return home from the hospital, Ray fired the nanny and took over the complete care of our baby while I went back to work in my salon for weeks later!

Avalon is a true miracle. She has added so much joy and love to our lives. We give her 1000 kisses a day, and thank God daily for her. When Avalon was a year old, I mentioned to Ray, “Just picture life without Avalon. If I had been a weak person and let you coerce me into having an abortion, we wouldn’t have Avalon now.”

Ray replied, “I don’t even want to think about it!” Tears rolled down his face as he envisioned what life would’ve been like without Avalon if I had given in to him.”

Cheryl Chew Make Me Your Choice (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2006) 90-91

How many men who tell their partners to abort would come around after the baby was born?


Preborn baby, 8 months in the womb

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National Academy of Sciences on conception

From testimony before a Senate Subcommittee:

In 2002, the National Academy of Sciences acknowledged that “in medical terms” the embryo is a “developing human from fertilization” onwards.

Richard M Doerflinger, testimony before US Senate Subcommittee on Science, Technology and Space, Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, Washington DC, September 24, 2004

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Pro-Abortion activist – we can “respect” embryos and still kill them

From one supporter of research on preborn human beings:

“We will argue that a genuine moral respect for embryos can be joined – without incongruity, but not without careful attention to how that respect is displayed – with their use and destruction in legitimate research… [There is] moral compatibility between respecting something and destroying it…

Sometimes people destroy something because they respect it, as when a sacred artifact is destroyed to prevent its being treated in a profane way. In contrast, embryos are destroyed in the course of research in spite of the respect they deserve. Destroying an object in spite of the respect it is owed raises the tension we seek to resolve….

There is no inherent conceptual contradiction or severe moral dilemma involved in the general idea of showing respect for what one destroys… Even the gains reaped through its destruction do not preclude honest and open acknowledgment of the regret and loss one should feel about it.…

Handling extracorporeal embryos with respect in the lab should never be an empty or insincere gesture but might include… disposing of the remains of used embryos in a way respectful of their status (for example, the remains may be treated as if they were corpses and be buried or cremated).

Thus while the embryo’s moral status need not prevent us from killing it… it requires that the destruction be for justifiable reasons, and that the destruction and eventual disposal in some way reflect the seriousness of the event…

Given the minimal but real moral respect owed to an embryo, there can be, and ought to be, some display of respect whenever they are used, but that the destruction of an embryo need not display disrespect for it.”

Michael J Meyer and Lawrence J Nelson “Respecting What We Destroy: Reflections on Human Embryo Research” Hastings Center Report January/February 2001

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Proabortion media bias distorts government hearing

Pro-lifer William Brennan tells the following story illustrating media bias:

“On April 24 and 25, 1981, 8 medical scientists testified before a Senate subcommittee convened to examine the nature of intra-uterine existence and it beginnings. 7 of them provided compelling scientific-based evidence that the entity within the womb is an actual human being from conception onward. Only one individual, Yale University geneticist Dr. Leon E. Rosenberg, portrayed the beginning of life before birth and therefore the humanness of the unborn as simply a “question” and not a “scientific matter.”

An article which appeared in the New York Times of April 25, 1981, included not only extensive coverage of Dr. Rosenberg’s remarks, but also his picture. None of the testimony of those who presented the scientific case for the humanity of the unborn was quoted. Dr. Rosenberg was described in glowing terms: “one of the nation’s leading geneticists” and “chairman of the department of Medicine and former president of the American Society of Human Genetics.

In contrast, the article contains little or no information whatsoever about the outstanding credentials and achievements of the 7 scientists who contradicted Dr. Rosenberg’s excursions into mythology, especially Dr. Jerome Lejeune, Professor of Fundamental Genetics at the University René Descartes in Paris. Not only is Dr. Lejeune regarded by many as the world’s leading geneticist, his achievements are considered so monumental that he had even been nominated for a Nobel prize. Obviously, this is the kind of information a reporter finds it convenient to omit, particularly when it is so potentially disruptive to the overriding image being projected of the unborn as a question rather than a human being.”

William Brennan The Abortion Holocaust: Today’s Final Solution (St. Louis, Missouri, 1983)

The article Brennan is referring to is Bernard Weinraub “Senator Agrees to Extend Hearings on Abortion Bill” New York Times April 25, 1981, p 7

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Abortionist did 21 abortions in a row without washing his hands

In an inspection report which can be found here, an abortion clinic in England called Maidstone was cited for serious violations:

Care Quality Commission on Marie Stopes International, Date of inspection visit: 17 May 2016 Date of publication: 02/10/2017

“Infection control systems, processes and practices were not delivered in line with the current national guidance. There was poor hand hygiene, poor use of personal protective equipment and poor pre-surgical preparation. ….

Services at MSI Maidstone were very process centric with staff showing limited empathy for how the patients might be feeling. Support from a partner, friend or parent was discouraged and accompanying supporters were asked to leave the premises whilst the patients were being treated.

Staff sometimes failed to consider patient’s privacy and walked into the the theatre whilst procedures were taking place.

There were complaints about staff being abrupt and blunt towards patients……

Staff did not take adequate infection prevention and control (IPC) precautions with hand hygiene … We observed a surgeon wearing a large, stoned ring during surgery and not washing their hands between patients…..

The corporate policy of ensuring there was an appropriate adult escort post procedure was not followed at MSI Maidstone and placed patients at significant risk….

There was inconsistent use of sedative medication such that staff had raised concerns about over sedation with Midazolam. Specific occurrences relating to oversedation were not acted upon or recorded as incidents; instead staff voicing concerns were removed from theatre work….

Unsupervised healthcare assistants (HCAs) were used to supplement and replace trained nurses by completing pre-procedure assessments, scanning patients, taking consent, making decisions regarding safeguarding and providing post-operative care….

We also noted that the sink in the theatre was not used by any member of staff throughout the entire list of 21 patients. We saw a surgeon wore sterile gloves but kept their large, stoned costume rings on when undertaking surgical procedures. This surgeon did not wash their hands or use alcohol gel between patients and failed to follow good hand hygiene practice. Other theatre staff changed their gloves but did not wash their hands or use hand gel between patients…..

The surgeon did not wear an apron to protect their theatre clothing from potential contamination and to reduce the risk of cross contamination during surgical procedures.

We observed that poor practice in the theatre meant that the sterile gloves were contaminated by being removed from the outer wrapper with unwashed hands. The contaminated gloves were dropped by the surgeon from unwashed hands onto the trolley, which contaminated the sterile field.

We observed poor practice in pre-operative preparation of the genetalia. This posed a risk of introducing an infection.

Staff we spoke with said that the 15 minutes allotted to each consultation was insufficient to allow proper cleaning of the room and equipment, which they did whilst the patient was still signing consent forms.

We observed that in the theatre, a member of staff used a single antiseptic wipe to clean all equipment, the couch and the floor between patients….

[T]here was no direct access from the theatre to the room containing the locked specimen freezer used to store pregnancy remains, which was on another floor within the centre. Staff had to carry an unsealed bucket of pregnancy remains through a patient waiting area, upstairs to a records cupboard where the fridge was sited. This was poor infection prevention and control practice as well as potentially being offensive to patients waiting.”

Nursing staff reported to us that they had tried to discuss two recent cases of oversedation with the anaesthetist but they wouldn’t listen. They felt there was inadequate support to address concerns about anaesthetists not following the corporate sedation policy and no senior back up in case of an emergency….

Patients could travel home after surgical treatment with conscious sedation without a responsible adult to accompany them. We were told by several nursing staff that his included children travelling by public transport on long journeys

The corporate policy on surgical terminations under conscious sedation required staff to ensure that a responsible adult accompanied patients home. This policy was not being followed in practice. Direct observation showed that staff discharging patients did not check whether they had an accompanying adult…..

Staff were concerned about this practice and one said they worried about young girls getting buses and trains without anyone with them for journeys of up to two hours.”

This facility did abortions up to 14 weeks.

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Abortion doula makes small talk while the woman’s baby is killed

An abortion doula, who works in a clinic comforting women who have abortions, writes about the small talk she engages in while the woman’s baby is being killed:

“Some of the doulas and some of the patients believe in astrology. Mitchell had said that it was a great thing to talk to patients about because everyone loves hearing about themselves, but I never memorized all the signs. Instead, I default to the Kardashians, whom most patients either love or hate. Waiting for the doctor, we exchange theories, discuss which sister is the most annoying, and debate whether anything on the TV show is real. We also talk about what food they will eat when they’re out, since they’ve been fasting since midnight to meet anesthesia requirements. To the morning patients, I say, “Well, at least you’re not in the afternoon.” To the afternoon patients, I just say, “You’ll be able to eat soon.” The doulas I talk to in North Carolina tell their patients the protestors will be gone by the time they leave.”

Alex Ronan “My Year As an Abortion DoulaThe Cut SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

To illustrate what is going on while the doula is talking about the Kardashians, here is a picture of a preborn baby at 9 to 10 weeks

9-10 weeks

9-10 weeks

Here is a picture of what the baby looks like after the abortion process:week-10-18


While the doula is chatting casually with the mother, her baby is being torn to pieces.


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Abortion doula “chooses her words carefully”

In this quote, an abortion doula (a volunteer who comforts women while they have their abortions) responds to a woman who is on the table about to have an abortion. The woman having an abortion is named Kim:

“Kim exhales, looks up at the ceiling then back at Kat [the doula]. “Is it gonna hurt?”

Kat pauses. This is one of the most common questions a doula gets asked before a procedure. It’s covered extensively in training, and while every doula has a slightly different turn of phrase, there is a standard approach that the Doula Project and the clinics we work with use. “Do you get cramps with your period?”….

“You will feel something,” Kat explains, carefully choosing her words. “Everyone has a different reaction but for a few minutes it will feel like very strong period cramps.”

Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People (New York: Feminist Press, 2016) 86-87

Based on the anesthesia they get and their individual tolerance for pain, women say different things about the pain from an abortion. Some women say the pain was extreme

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Woman goes to abortion clinic, leaves at the last moment

A woman who went to an abortion clinic to abort her baby tells her story:

“I took a good friend with me, as well as my boyfriend. It was a three hour drive to Houston and no one said much. As we neared the abortion facility protesters with large, grotesque signs came into view. I averted my eyes. I had a sick feeling as I sought to push away the reality of what I was about to do.

Once in the facility, I checked in and my boyfriend and friend sat down with magazines….

There were so many women there of every age, race, and seemingly socio-economic class. We were grouped together as we made our way through the process. At one point, I was given an ultrasound, and the tech matter-of-factly declared, “5 weeks.” Then it was on to group “counseling.” A young woman explained the process and then opened the floor to questions. I knew the answer to mine before I even asked, “Is it alive?” The response was, “It’s a clump of villi.” It was what I wanted and needed to hear, but I knew better.

Then it was back to the waiting room where we all sat until we were called, one by one, to do the actual procedure. I was struck by the tea party like atmosphere. Most women chatted seemingly nonchalantly. At one point, a woman tapped her foot impatiently, glanced at her watch and said, “How long is this going to take, I have stuff to do.” I was shocked, and wondered to myself, “Does she not have any idea of the significance of what she’s about to do?” A pretty brunette suddenly offered, “My husband keeps saying we’re going out tonight. He just doesn’t get it.” She told us she was 13 weeks pregnant and had a three year old daughter. Again, all I could think was, “You’re married with a child, why are you here?”

I found myself talking to a woman to next to me. At 38, she was older than most of us. Inexplicably, I began trying to convince her that she could do it, raise her baby. She gave me all the reasons why she couldn’t.

Out of all of us present in our group that day, there was only one woman who, in my view, was having the appropriate response. She never stopped crying, never made eye contact with anyone, never spoke. She just sat there, curled up in a fetal position, as she stared off into space, and wept.

One by one we were called. I sat there, stomach churning, knowing in my heart of hearts that this was SO wrong. I had not been able to quiet that inner voice that kept gently telling me, “No, you must not do this.” I argued back and forth with that voice. It was so gentle, so serene, but also very persistent. My name was called. I got up and made my way to the table. “Take everything off below the waist and lay on the table, feet in the stirrups.” I reached for my pants.

I hesitated. I stood frozen. The nurse noticed my reaction and advised me to go back to the waiting room and let a few more go ahead of me, until I felt more ready. Ready never came. When I was called a second time, the same thing happened. The nurse looked at me and said, “You don’t really want to be here.” I replied, “Does anybody really want to be here?”

She told me I was early and had lots of time to come back. Plenty of time. I knew I was walking out of that place and NEVER going back.”

22 years ago, my daughter survived her abortion appointmentLive Action News September 1, 2017

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Founder of NARAL Pro-Choice: we wined and dined the media

The late former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson cofounded NARAL, the country’s first pro-abortion organization. In the years before Roe V Wade, NARAL worked to legalize abortion in the states. Years later, after working to make abortion legal and performing or supervising over 60,000 abortions, Dr. Nathanson became pro-life. In this quote, he talks about how he and his fellow pro-choice activists got the media on their side:

“We, of course, stroked the media shamelessly. We played on them. We took them out to lunch. We wined them and dined them and gave them all sorts of exclusives…We were embarked on what looked like a historic crusade, a sweeping social revolution, and they loved it.”

Bernard N Nathanson, Featured Address, Missouri Citizens for Life Convention, 1981, Columbia, Missouri, May 2, 1981

Quoted in:  William Brennan The Abortion Holocaust: Today’s Final Solution (St. Louis, Missouri, 1983)

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Abortion worker: women’s tears may be from physical pain

From a reporter who interviewed abortion doulas, abortion doulas work in clinics and help comfort women as they kill their babies:

“Vicki Bloom, who does birth and abortion work in New York, told me that … seeing tears on the table doesn’t mean the patient is having an emotional response — sometimes it just physically hurts. “There are people who can say, ‘I made this decision it was kind of tough; it was a really crappy day, but life goes on,’”

Alex Ronan “My Year As an Abortion DoulaThe Cut SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

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