Pro-choice doctor on the “beginning of human life”

Dr. Thomas Verney  is pro-choice but considers abortion to be the taking of human life. He encourages doctors to tell the truth to their patients:

“I believe the choice to have or not have a child should be left up to the individual woman…but I also think a women must be made fully aware that what is at stake is not a clump of calls but the beginning of human life. If a doctor can spend several minutes explaining how he plans to remove a superfluous organ, such as an appendix, shouldn’t he be willing to give this kind of decision equal time?”

Dr. Thomas Verney  (with John Kelly) The Secret Life of the Unborn Child (Sphere, 1982) in Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 267


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Abortion supporter: poor women shouldn’t have babies

Pro-abortion writer David Lykke:

If you live in the projects on welfare, then you can’t have a baby. And that sounds awful. … But the question is, if you live in a plague area, have you a right to bring a child into a plague area?”

David Lykken, professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, quoted in William Norman Grigg. “Are You Fit to Be a Parent?” The New American, January 23, 1995, pages 12 to 14

He supports giving permits to parents to allow them to have babies.

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Mother calls her daughter “beautiful” even though she was rape-conceived

A woman who gave birth a child conceived in rape said:

“Consider my beautiful daughter, Jessica. She is eight months old, has no teeth but a full head of hair and seem to be developing a fondness for apple juice. She is loved by me, her grandparents, her uncle and her two sisters more than words can say.

She is also a child conceived in rape…..

When I discovered I was pregnant from the assault, I was horrified. I debated long and hard over what choice I should make.

Common sense would dictate that an abortion was the answer, right? Wrong. No matter how hideous my child’s conception had been (and rape is a degrading, demoralizing act that alters one’s whole life), I knew there was a life growing inside me. I chose to accept this child as being my baby – not the rapist’s…..

I feared I would see my rapist’s face every time I looked at my child- but I don’t. I see a beautiful, happy little girl who wasn’t planned and wasn’t the result of an act of love – but nonetheless is loved very, very much….

I based my decision upon realization that I was already a victim of violence and knowing that I didn’t want to make my unborn child another casualty.”

“Abortion – Not Even When Pregnancy is the Result of Rape?” pamphlet of American Life League, 1995

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Doctor: you must be blind not to see abortion’s harm to women

Dr. Thomas W Hilgers says:

“My medical practice is in obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive medicine with a special emphasis on infertility, reproductive disorders, natural family planning and research. Within that context, I see the aftermath of abortion on a regular and routine basis. It is not difficult to see the tears and the regret pour forth with ease when the issue is gently raised and discussed. One has to be blind – and that is one of our problems – not to be able to see these difficulties.”

Thomas W Hilgers, M.D. “Confronting the Contemporary Medical Contradictions: to Nurture or to Destroy the Pre-Born Child” in Michael T Mannion, Ed. Post – Abortion Aftermath (Kansas City, MO: Sheed & Ward, 1994) 59

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Former clinic worker: girls came in without ID

One former abortion clinic worker, who witnessed teenage girls getting abortions without presenting an id:

“I can’t even go to a salon and get waxed without identification, yet all these young girls were coming in to get abortions without them.”

J, Former Clinic Worker

And Then There Were None 9/13/2000

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Postabortion woman: was my baby a boy or a girl?

Stacy B describes her abortion experience:

“When I called the local abortion clinic, the man on the phone told me it was urgent that I make reservations right away because the appointments always filled up quickly. He offered no counseling, no alternatives, and no mention of risks. Just urgency!…

I was awake for the whole thing. I remember asking the doctor if it was a boy or a girl, and he said it was too soon to tell. He acted as if this was no big deal. In the recovery room, a girl who had been in a couple of months before commented that they had new snacks this time. I felt as if I was in the middle of a nightmare.”

Wendy Williams, Ann Caldwell Empty Arms: More Than 60 Life-Giving Stories of Hope from the Devastation of Abortion (Chattanooga, Tennessee: Living Ink Books, 2005) 119

Seven weeks. Most abortions take place at this time or later in pregnancy

Seven weeks. Most abortions take place at this time or later in pregnancy

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Abortion clinic owner pleased by research on aborted babies

A writer who visited an abortion clinic spoke to Maitland Cook, director of the clinic. She summarizes their conversation:

“Mr. Cook was also very pleased to say that the Marsden Hospital in London- the well-known cancer hospital – used many of their aborted fetuses for cancer research. The fetuses were refrigerated and collected on a weekly basis by the Marsden van. He emphasized how pleased he was about this because it was nice to think of foetal material being put to constructive use. Women were not usually told that their fetuses were being used in this way, since talking to women about this kind of thing when they were coming for an abortion might be distressing.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 162

16 week old "fetus" i.e. unborn baby

16 week old “fetus” i.e. unborn baby

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Abortion witness describes a “very small body”

A woman who witnessed abortions for a book she was writing said:

 “The third patient was aged 16, and again was fourteen weeks pregnant. This time it was a normal foetus [the other had died at a much younger stage], When the uterus was evacuated into the small bowl under the operating table, the contents were again examined. Here the remains of a very small body, about the size of a newborn kitten, could be seen. It is tiny indeed, but its form is unmistakable.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 156

14 week babty

14 week babty

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Abortionists talked “cheerfully” about sports before doing abortions

A British author who witnessed abortions describes the atmosphere in the clinic before the operations:

“The atmosphere in the operating theatre was clean, busy and professional. Several young male doctors, gowned for the theatre, were standing around when I entered, talking cheerfully about the cricket score. There was no hint, here, of life-and-death drama – it was just another day, another hospital theatre session.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 154

9-10 weeks. A baby like this one is dismembered in every abortion

9-10 weeks. A baby like this one is dismembered in every abortion

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Abortionist calls fetus she aborts a “baby”

An abortionist said the following in an interview on Think Atheist:

Second trimester abortions…[are] much more difficult and riskier for the mom, hence the limited number of us who actually do them. They are also unpleasant, because the procedure (dilation and evacuation, D&E) involves pulling out the baby in piec

Quoted in Sarah Terzo “Abortionist Explains: Abortion includes “Pulling out the baby in pieces”  Live Action News July 16, 2017

16 week old preborn baby- second trimester

16 week old preborn baby- second trimester

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