Planned Parenthood Official Upset by New Technology

Pro-life writer William Brennan wrote:

“At a National Abortion Federation meeting in May 1982, Alfred Moran, Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood of New York, warned his cohorts that “we are prepared to begin to recognize that technology and medical sciences and perceptions of fetal viability are radically changing in our society.” He was particularly horrified by the consequences of the new life – enhancing fetal technology – “we begin to see the fetus as a patient, which tends to personalize it” – for jeopardizing the right to abort. He even went so far as to rate technological changes designed to aid the unborn as “more powerful” than legislative attempts to outlaw abortion “because they are human personifications.”

William Brennan The Abortion Holocaust: Today’s Final Solution (St. Louis, Missouri, 1983) 181, cites

“Technological Advances to make Pro-Abortion Position Tougher, Planned Parenthood Official Tells National Abortion Federation” National Right to Life News October 14, 1982, P8

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Abortionist describes pulling the legs off babies

Ann Schutt-Aine, director of abortion services at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, says:

“If I’m doing a procedure, and I’m seeing that I’m in fear that it’s about to come to the umbilicus (navel), I might ask for a second set of forceps to hold the body at the cervix, and pull off a leg or two.”

Kristi Burton Brown “10 horrifying things Planned Parenthood says about abortionLive Action News May 25, 2017

second trimester preborn baby

ultrasound of second trimester preborn baby

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New York Times: some couples choose the sex of their babies

In a New York Times article, doctors who do fertility treatments say some couples want to create a baby of a certain sex. The article says:

“There is evidence that some Americans want to choose their babies’ sex. At the Fertility Institutes, a set of clinics in Los Angeles, New York and Guadalajara, Mexico, 85 percent of roughly 500 couples each year seek sex selection, although three-quarters of them come from overseas, said Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, the medical director.”

The article also quotes Dr. Steinberg, whose clinics determine sex through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, an embryo screening:

“It’s jumped over the past four years. If a woman calls to make the appointment, the couple almost always wants a female. If a man calls, they almost always want a male.”

Pam Belluck “If You Really, Really Wanted a Girl …” The New York Times August 20, 2011

These parents choose to implant embryos of the preferred gender and dispose of the ones of the “wrong” gender.

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Abortionist describes removing baby’s spine

Preborn baby at 16 weeks

Preborn baby at 16 weeks

Amna Dermish late-term abortionist at Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, describes how she does an abortion:

“I’ll remove the extremities first – the lower extremities – and then go for the spine and sort of break it down that way… I always try to aim for a spine to bring it down.”

Kristi Burton Brown “10 horrifying things Planned Parenthood says about abortionLive Action News May 25, 2017



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Woman writes about how her husband became pro-life

A wife wrote about how she convinced her husband to oppose abortion by showing him pictures of abortion victims:

“I have never considered abortion and I never will. My husband however never understood what abortion is and what it actually does to an unborn child. I showed him your site and he has completely changed his mind on abortion. Your site is heartbreaking to me but I hope that it continues to save many more babies. – TM”

Pro-choice to Pro-life: Comments From Our Visitors Regarding the Graphic Photos of Abortion on our Website Priests for Life

Visited 2/10/2018

See some pictures like the ones that changed her husband’s mind.

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Pregnancy center worker talks about siblings of aborted babies

Barb, who has worked with the AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling for nearly thirty years:

“I think one of the most difficult things for me to face is a woman who is attempting to justify an abortion for the sake of her other children. I always want to tell them…the best thing for her little ones is to have a brother or a sister. In fact, explaining to sons and daughters a few years in the future as to why they aborted their sibling will probably be the most difficult thing they will ever do…”

Kristi Burton Brown “The suffering brothers and sisters of aborted childrenLive Action News February 18, 2013

Read facts and testimonies from siblings of aborted children here.

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Catholic convert explains why she became pro-life

On the Priests for Life website, one person comments:

“I am a recently confirmed Catholic who has always been teetering on whether or not abortion is acceptable or not. After seeing photos of babies burned, and hearing the women speak of their experience at the clinic, I knew that in all of abortion’s existence; it is wrong – wholly wrong. … DD”

Pro-choice to Pro-life: Comments From Our Visitors  Regarding the Graphic Photos of Abortion on our Website, Priests for Life

Visited 2/10/2018

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Pastor mourns lost child, aborted 22 years ago

Pastor Shane Idleman describes losing a child to abortion:

“Approximately 22 years ago, as a prodigal, I conceded to my girlfriend’s request to abort our child around the 5th week. The pain of that decision still haunts me today.

What would my child look like? Was it a boy or a girl? I can picture walking and talking with my child…watching his or her first steps…holding them when they cry and rejoicing with them when they succeed. But these are just dreams in my mind; dreams that often leave me heartbroken.

Regret is one of the hardest pains because it is a constant reminder that we failed.”

Shane Idleman “My Child Would Have Been 22 This Year” Focus on the Family

visited 2/10/2018


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Pro-choicers call homeless shelter for pregnant women “an outrage”

Pro-abortion writer Judith Orr describes how feminists were angry that a pro-life group was using tax dollars to build a shelter for pregnant homeless women. They would rather homeless women be on the street than be helped by a pro-life organization.

“… There was so much anger in March 2017 at the news that the Tory government had given 250,000 pounds raised from taxes on tampons and sanitary pads to the antiabortion organization Life. Life said it would fund a homeless shelter for pregnant women. Pro-choice campaigners argued that it was bad enough for necessary sanitary items to be taxed as “luxury” products, but for money generated by this “tampon tax” to be given to an organization that declares it won’t give up until “abortion is a thing of the past” was a “bloody outrage.”

Judith Orr Abortion Wars: The Fight for Reproductive Rights (Bristol, UK: Policy Press, 2017) 91

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Abortion doula: Women feel they have no choice

An abortion doula, who comforts women during their abortions, says that many poor women feel they have no choice but to get abortions. Their life circumstances force them into abortions they might not really want. They are not empowered by their “choices” but feel trapped and think they have no other options.

“For many low-income women, getting an abortion can feel like the only option. A doula tells me a story about a woman who wanted to continue the pregnancy but had lost her job, run through all her savings, and was living in a homeless shelter. “I can deal with this, but I’d never do it to a baby,” she said. Patients talk about how impossible it is to find jobs, child care, a safe place to live, health care.”

Alex Ronan “My Year As an Abortion DoulaThe Cut SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

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