Nurse pressures woman with kidney stones to abort baby

A woman named Valerie Finnegan told the following story in a comment on a Live Action article:

They lie about what abortion really is- routinely, and sometimes they do worse. I was in the ER for kidney stones when I found out I was also pregnant. First thing that happened when the pregnancy test came back wasn’t treatment for my kidney stones. No, a nurse came back and did nothing but badger me about aborting. I demanded to know how that was going to help me, and she shrugged and said that it might relieve the pressure of passing my kidney stones. I had enough medical knowledge back then to figure that was horsepucky. I asked her (already suspecting the answer was no) if I was going to die without an abortion. All she did was shrug and say that I was at high risk for miscarriage and abortion would be “easier.” She didn’t treat me. She didn’t even examine me. All she did was push abortion. I asked her if she was going to help me with my kidney stones and save the baby, and if she wasn’t, to leave, not bother me, and get someone who will actually help. She left, but came back later, once I got the treatment I needed complete with ultrasounds of my kidneys, my kidney stones, and my baby at six weeks. I said that no thanks to her, I managed to get the help I needed. She said, “You’ll have a miscarriage anyway.”

The kidney stones broke up in passage. I went home with some safe pain relievers. In about a week, I felt better. Thirty four weeks later, I gave birth to a baby girl.

How many women are pressured like this by medical personnel, and give in?

If Valerie gave birth to her daughter at 40 weeks, she would have been six weeks pregnant when the nurse encouraged her to abort her baby. This is what her baby would’ve look like then::

6 1/2-week

6 1/2-week

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