Mother forces incest victim to have abortion

Ruth, who became an alcoholic after she aborted her baby, describes forcing her teenage daughter to have an abortion years later:

“I continued drinking and my husband took custody of the kids. He got drunk one night, molested my daughter Rosemarie, and got her pregnant. I believed there was a chance the baby would have birth defects, so I used that to justify my insistence that she have an abortion. She didn’t want an abortion so she ran away. We had her picked up and went before a judge who agreed with me that an abortion would be the best thing under the circumstance. Rosemarie finally relented and had an abortion. Later when she married, she lost three babies due to an incomplete cervix. That was really hard for me because I felt it was more retribution. Because of the abortion and all the alcohol and drugs around her, Rosemarie turned to alcohol and drugs herself… I bought into a lie and convinced myself it wasn’t a baby until it took a breath. That way I could justify my own abortion and forcing my daughter to have one too.”

Kathleen Meikle A River of Tears (2017) 123, 124

16 weeks, this baby could be aborted in any state

16 weeks, this baby could be aborted in any state

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Sarah Terzo is a freelance writer and journalist who works for Live Action. She is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Consistent Life.
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One Response to Mother forces incest victim to have abortion

  1. Marauder says:

    They went before a judge, told him the circumstances, and he thought Rosemarie should have an abortion. What did he do about the fact that her father was an incestuous rapist?!

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